Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (2023)

Italian students in Duolingo think that the Italian course is very short. Duolingo can prioritize generalized languages worldwide (for example, Spanish) to obtain a larger user base for the platform and its income from several income flows,as the subscription of Duolingo Plus to increase.

In this articleI will describe the content of the Italian course in Duolingo compared to other European languages.If you are thinking about learning Italian in Duolingo or worrying about the fact that the Italian course is very short, this article is for you.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is one of the most popular language teaching platforms and offers free language courses in several languages. Duolingo is based on gamification, in which the fun and similar functions to games are used to maximize commitment, pleasure andThe impulse of the students.

Duolingo's objective is to release language learning for all and make education accessible to all.threatened "to protect languages.

How short is the Italian duolingo?

The Italian is the sixth most popular language in Duolingo, with approximately6.64 millionLearning.

A common complaint of Italian students in DuolingoDespite the size of the users, the course is not updated with the same standard of attention and care as other main languages such as Spanish, French or German.

At the time of the Drafting Room (Spring of 2022), the Italian Duolingo course consists only of four sections, 405 lessons and 66 skills. This is less than half of the greats than other main courses, such as German, French and FrenchSpanish.The Italian course does not contain audio or podcasts classes, such as some of the other courses.

The lesson40577812601193
The crown40096414041525

TeaLexemeIt is a fundamental lexical unit of a language like "play" that can be inspired by "play -s", "play -er", etc. A lexem can be one or more words. You are exposed to you in a particular Duolingo course.

Duolingo users usually complain that duolingos increased profits, paying subscriptions (Duolingo Plus) and other courses and did not transist in an improvement consisting of the quality of the course through languages.

Some Italian students in Duolingo proposed that the Italian language is due to the fact that the Italian language isIt is not spoken outside of ItalyJust as Spanish is spoken outside of Spain, Italians are careless by Duolingo's employees.

How are Duolingo courses?

Many of Duolingo courses used to beCreated by volunteerAs part of what Duolingo calledIncubator programThis was launched in 2013 and Duolingo made it possible to build their courses for free and put the company on the way.

Each volunteer was allowed to create a language course as part of the Incubators program, as long as the destination language (the language in which they created the course) and the language of origin (whose language must be taught the course) should be taught)).

Der DuolingoIncubatorToday, it is particularly useful for languages that do not have so many speakers, because all competent speakers of this language can contribute to a course.

However, in 2021, Duolingo changed for the use of paid breeders paid if they can be defined for a given language. This is because the courses are being created with more standard and rigid standards, and therefore, Duolingo was thefeeling that it is more fair, creator of the course to pay now that you can do this.

The vast majority of Duolingo courses have been responsible since 2021 and developed by content manufacturers payments that are competent in objectives and languages of origin.

Will the Italian course of Duolingo be carried out by volunteers?

The Italian course is made by internal employees of Duolingo employees. Italian stories in Duolingo were translated by volunteers or price employees. There are five course employees for the Italian course of Duolingo.

How long does the Italian tree last?

All courses in Duolingo are structured in the form of a tree. An image of a language tree can be seen below:

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (1)

As a general rule, the Italian Duolingo tree can be completed in four to six weeks to practice and support daily.

To feel safe and talk to the Italian, you will probably need more practice and study in the Italian Tree of Duolingo.

How many sections are there in the Duolingo course in Italy?

Each language course in Duolingo is divided into different sections.

At the time of the writing room (spring of 2022), there are four course sections in the Italian course of Duolingo. This is much smaller than most other language courses in Duolingo, such as German (nine section),French (ten sections) and Spanish (10 sections).

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (2)

How many skills are there in Italian Duolingo?

Each duolingo course contains several skills. A ability is a specific topic, such as:PhrasesGiftsAnimalsGiftsquestionsoAdverbsAnd it can contain several lessons.

Since the spring of 2022, there will be sixty skills in the Italian course of Duolingo. This is less than half of the number of other comparable European languages, such as German (160 skills), French (247 skills) and Spanish (268 skills).

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (3)

How many crowns are there in Duolingo, Italy?

All skills completed in a Duolingo course offer a series of crowns. Five crowns can be obtained by skill. To receive exercises.

The Italian course in Duolingo comprises a total of 400 crowns. This is less than half of the German course (964 crowns) and less than a third of the French course (1408 crowns) and the Spanish course (1525 crowns).

To unlock all possible crowns, you must complete all necessary levels in your language tree.

How many levels are there in Italian Duolingo?

The Italian course in Duolingo contains twenty levels, like all other languages in Duolingo.

The level that is in its language depends on how many XP it deserves. The acronym XP in Duolingo represents the point of experience. The conclusion of individual lessons, practices or completes a story.

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (4)

In Duolingo, it is not possible to find out what level is, but the siteDuo?With the user created for usual users for the duoling users, it can verify its level in a specific language.

To verify at what level is, go to the addressDuom.eu/ your duolingo username🇧🇷 This will see:

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (5)

For all levels that reach in Duolingo, you will receive a gold owl:

Why is the Italian duolingo so short? How many units, lessons and crowns in 2022 (compared to other most important European languages) - Contentalian? (6)

Italian stories of Duolingo

Duolingo's stories are short stories in the destination language that intends to improve their reading and listening.

At the time of the writing room (spring of 2022), there are 51 stories in Italian Duolingo. You can win 14 xp to 16 xp for history.

To unlock the first stories, 10 crowns must be obtained or the control point is completed 1. All stories in a set must be completed to continue in the next sentence. The stories are more difficult to go through the sets.

Does Duolingo have an Italian podcast?

Currently, there is no Italian podcast in Duolingo, although users have registered for production.

Conclusion: Is the Italian Tree of Duolingo too short?

Many people think that the Italian tree in Duolingo is very short and only provides knowledge of the basic level about the Italian language. This becomes even clearer if the size of the Italian course is compared to other European languages.

Many Duolingo users also appreciate the Italian Duolingo course as a quick way to maintain a general training in the Italian language.

Duolingo is a very useful instrument to learn Italian when he considers that it is free and available for everyone, andYou can offer you a very good basis for additional learning.

We recommend that you use Duolingo for Italian learning in combination with other methods, such as individual groups or study rates, independent grammar and reading books with books, television devices and podcasts.


Why is Italian course so short in Duolingo? ›

One reason is there just aren't that many. As of March 2022 there are only 51 — which is pretty low compared to the French course, which has nearly 300! Another reason is they just don't read as well as in some of the other courses. The French stories are full of life with real voices.

Why are some Duolingo courses shorter? ›

Because each Duolingo course is customized for the language it teaches, the length of each course varies. The number of rows ranges from 29 (English for Spanish speakers) to 60 (Norwegian for English speakers).

Why has Duolingo changed 2022? ›

Duolingo told me that's by design. Anton Yu, Duolingo's product manager, said the app's redesign was shaped by feedback: Users wanted more guidance and content with less complexity.

What happened to crowns in Duolingo? ›

Q: What happened to crowns? A: One level (each circle in the path) is equivalent to 1 crown level of a skill on the old home screen. All of your progress was transferred to the new version, but now instead of crowns to track your progress, you can see how you're progressing down the path.

How long does it take to become fluent in Italian on Duolingo? ›

In any case, probably if you spend at least an hour a day on Duolingo for two years and you also review the vocabulary that you've learned, use other learning apps, watch movies in Italian and try to speak with Italians, it'll probably take you around two years to speak good Italian.

How many hours of Duolingo is equal to a college course? ›

We have a team of PhDs dedicated to this. According to an independent study conducted by the City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, an average of 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a full university semester of language education. You can see a full report of the study here.


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