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International long-haul travel and the growing popularity of far-flung destinations has led to more and more guests sneaking into hotels at all hours - some late, some early. Although there is no rule book that defines what is a late check-in and what is not, you will definitely want to check in later when you should have been at the hotel reception a few hours ago.

If you've ever landed in a destination way past the time when hotels in the same location usually start checking in, you've probably asked yourself a lot of questions that start with, "What if I'm late for my hotel ?" .

To clear the air, here's a post about late check-in at hotels where we answer tons of frequently asked questions and give you 3 valuable tips on what you can do to make the check-in process smoother, especially when they very late.

What is considered late check-in?

To understand what is considered a late check-in, you need to know when the hotel you have booked at usually starts checking in guests. Traditional check-in for most hotels is around 2 p.m. until 4 p.m

Now let's assume that the usual hotel check-in time is at 2 p.m., and that you arrive somewhere between 10 p.m. until some time until midnight - the hotel will definitely consider this as a late check-in. As we mentioned earlier, most hotels do not have a policy that classifies check-in based on time, but there are a few that do not allow guests to check-in after a certain time. Although this is not the case for all tourist destinations, there are a few inns and guesthouses in Taiwan that close their reception after a certain period of time.

Finally, if you check in between - 03:00, you can consider it a late check-in.

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Can you check into the hotel late at night?

Yes, you can check into the hotel late at night. Although even the most remote inns and the most luxurious skyscrapers have fixed check-in times, you can always check in later than the specified window, even at night.

However, if you are checking in late at night, we strongly recommend that you inform the hotel reception that you are checking in after midnight. You can give them an estimated time of arrival at the hotel; Don't forget to factor in the time it takes to disembark, collect your luggage, go through customs and the time it takes to get to your hotel from the airport. This is important to confirm that you will arrive at the hotel, and if you confirm that you will check in, you can check in at any time during the night.

If I check into the hotel after midnight, what time do I have to check out?

Even if you check into the hotel after midnight, you must check out by the agreed check-out time. You might think that since you haven't used the room since you started checking in, you should be able to check out later, that's just not how hotel stays work.

Below more about…

If I check in late, can I also check out later?

Have you ever felt exhausted at 4am lying in your hotel bed and suddenly remembered you had to check out at 11am? We understand that this can be a completely outrageous feeling.

Now the question is, can you check out later just because you are also late? Speaking of an hour's late check-out, yes, most hotels offer their guests an hour or two of free late check-out. However, if you wish to stay longer, many hotels offer their guests late check-out for an early fee.

What if you didn't request it in advance, or the hotel probably doesn't offer late check-out? While a discreet $25 bill handed to the clerk will usually do the trick, if you still don't get your free extension, you can ask the front desk to accept a half-day rate for your room. At most hotels, depending on demand and availability, guests can enjoy late check-out for $30-$50 or half a day less than the base room rate.

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Will there be an additional fee for late check-in?

No, late check-in is free. If you do not check in within the specified time, the room will usually be sold to someone else because the hotel considered you a no-show.

The hotel never charges for late check-in, as you have theoretically reserved a room for the whole day from check-in one working day to check-out the next working day.

Are there hotels with flexible check-in?

From low-profile inns to five-star hotels, a significant number of hotels are open until check-in and 23:00 check-out. Today, people who arrive at their destination at odd times long before or outside of their scheduled check-in and check-out times find this long-used operational tactic extremely frustrating.

Therefore, many hotels have found a way to turn this frustration into an opportunity with flexible check-in and check-out. Hotels with flexible check-in allow guests to check in early or late for a specific fee. This benefits both guests and hotel revenue, as guests get the desired flexibility when traveling and hotels get extra money for unsold rooms.

As flexible check-in attracts more B&B guests to the list of hotels, more and more innovative hotels are starting to capitalize on this trend while gaining acceptance from potential guests.

Many hotels, including popular hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton, offer their guests Flexi Check-in to generate additional revenue and give guests one less worry when planning their trip.

How do hotels with flexible check-in work?

Hotels with flexible check-in work on a simple principle: they sell their unsold rooms from the previous night to a guest who wants to check in before a strict check-in time, i.e. at 2 p.m. - 16.00 hours

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Imagine disembarking after a sleepless 12-hour flight and arriving at a hotel that says, "No check-in before 5:00 AM." Hotels with flexible check-in often have rooms available that have not been sold out overnight. before or are still unsold after the usual check-in time. They sell these rooms to guests who want a room before or after the usual check-in time.

It will not affect existing operations or the current workload of hotel staff, generating revenue while allowing them to begin engaging with guests.

When does check-in usually start?

Check-in usually starts around 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. The main reason for this is that housekeeping usually takes 2-4 hours to clean rooms after previous guests have checked out.

Can I check in earlier?

Hotels usually check out between 11.00 and at to give the guests enough time to get ready, have breakfast, pack their things at a leisurely pace and leave without any problems. The staff then go to work according to the cleaning schedule and ensure that the premises can be cleaned and booked at 2pm. until 16.00 (traditional check-in time).

If you arrive earlier than the normal check-in time, whether you can check in early depends on 2 main factors:

The hotel you check in at:Many hotels offer flexible check-in, so you can check in at any time since you've already booked and paid for early check-in.

In some cases, although the hotel is not flexible, early check-in may be possible for a specific fee, depending on availability and peak season demand.

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Two-night booking:Some hotels may ask you to book two nights for early check-in. For example, if you arrive at 07:00 on 11 October when the standard check-in time is 11.00, the hotel owner may ask you to book the day before, i.e. on October 10 and 11 (since entry time on October 10). has not yet arrived).

If I check in late, will my room be reserved or sold?

Most reservations are automatically canceled after 02.00 if you have not checked in before then. This means that if another person who wants to check in to the hotel early asks for a room, they will likely be assigned your room, as the hotel will consider you a no-show after 10:00 p.m. 02.00. Although there is no set time, most hotels cancel reservations in the middle of the night. Unless you have made a deposit to secure your booking. In this case, the hotel can keep the room after 02.00.

The easiest way to check in late is to call the hotel and confirm your reservation. You can also pay a deposit to the hotel to guarantee your arrival, even if you check in late.

If you have already paid the full amount for the reserved room (at least for the first night), the hotel can keep your room even if you do not show up.

Here are 3 things you can do when you arrive late at your hotel to make the process easier:

These 3 things can make late check-in easier for both you and the reception staff:

Communicate and inform in advance

If you are checking in late, we have been told countless times to call the hotel ahead of time to let them know you will be arriving at whatever time. Since most hotels are open all day and night, there will always be someone on hand to facilitate the entire check-in process upon arrival, since you have already communicated with them about it.

A generous tip is enough

Several reports say that tipping not only makes the whole process easier, but can also get you a free upgrade (if the hotel is generous and you're lucky). You can get a minibar, extra services and a corner room, as corner rooms tend to be more spacious.

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Prepare verification documents

Please have your passport and other verification documents ready before arriving at the hotel. In this way, you let the porter quickly slip past you and you can finally sleep.

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