The Ultimate Guide teaches you exactly how to use Goodreads (2023)

Don't want a good read? You will be after reading this! This definitive guide will show you exactly how to use Goodreads, but be careful, you might get obsessed.

What is Goodreads?

Goodreads is the largest website forConnecting readers to booksthey'll love it Keep track of the books you've read, want to read, and are reading now. Connect with other readers, leave comments, and get book recommendations. You can even follow your favorite authors! (Siga-me no Goodreads)

Goodreads has been around since 2006 but gained traction in 2013 when it was bought by Amazon. You can now integrate Goodreads with your Kindle and read sample Amazon books right on the Goodreads website!

When most people think of good reading, they think ofbook reviewsjbook recommendations. Those are two of the most important features on Goodreads, but there's so much more you can get on the website and in the app. Read on to learn how to use Goodreads to take advantage of lists, groups, giveaways, appointments and more.

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Is Goodreads free?

Goodreads escompletely freeto load. You can rate and review books, connect with friends, get book recommendations, join groups, message friends, follow your favorite author, and much more!


Have lots of books on Goodreadsthe free trialYou can read. There's even a small selection offree ebookswith good reading. Free samples are available for books that have a Kindle version. If the entire book is available for free, you'll see a green button that says "Read eBook". Just click the button to read the book! here is oneList of readable excerpts and e-bookswith good reading.

If you love eBooks, I recommend oneKindle Paperwhite. I've had mine for two years and I love it! 🙂


start usingread wellcreate a profile. Enter your name, email address and a password and you're done. You can also login with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Amazon account. If you have a Kindle, I recommend logging in with your Amazon account, or at least logging in to your Amazon account after logging in.

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When you log in to goodreads, you have three "bookshelves". These are marked with "file“, „file, "eu"is reading.” I'm only using these three shelves at the moment, but you can create as many shelves as you like! Create bookshelves like "books by my favorite authors“, „classics i love, "eu"guilt books." You can even add a "To leave' or 'Unfinished' shelf. Just be sure to mark this bookcase as exclusive. If exclusive, books on that shelf cannot be on another shelf.

The site is quite easy to navigate once you create an account. The first thing you need to do is sort as many books as possible. Think of all the books you've read and rate them. how much moreevaluate books, Goodreads will give you better recommendations.

Search for books to rate them or learn more about them. CheckMy booksto see your shelves. Use theTo search forTab to explore recommendations, offers, freebies, lists and more. Use thecommunityTab to view groups, discussions, appointments and more. In the upper right corner you can see Discussions, Messages and Friends.

Goodreads-Listen (Listopia)

Goodreads Lists or Goodreads Listopia is one of my favorite features of Goodreads. These user-generated lists can contain hundreds of books (Books Everyone Should Read At Least Once) or ultraspecific with only ten books (Best Main Female Science Fiction). Users vote on the books on the list, so the best ones always appear first.

click on itTo search fortab, and then clicklisa. You'll see featured lists, recent activity lists, lists my friends voted for, popular lists, and more. It's easy to get lost in these lists as there are so many great ones to discover. But it can also be a little overwhelming.

I prefer a different method for finding my listings. First,Find your favorite bookOr a book you liked. If you've been on this site for more than five seconds, you probably already know that I'm a huge fan ofashesby Marisa Mayer. 🙂 nextscroll the pagefor your favorite book After Reviews from Friends and Questions and Answers from Readers, you will find a title that saysLists with this book. You can click on any of the two top lists or click onOther listings with this book.

Now just select a list that describes the book you want to read and enjoy tons of recommendations!

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How to Use the Goodreads App for Android or iPhone

First download the appload gameor the appleapp store. Login or create an account. When you open the app, you'll be taken to a news page with recommendations and updates from friends. click inMy booksto see your shelves. You can also view your profile, scan books, get recommendations, see your friends, and much more.

If you have a goodreads account and a smartphone, you NEED the goodreads app. It's so easy to do quicklyTo search fornew books, update yourreading progress, check yourread challenge, from youmessages, and more. The goodreads app is the perfect companion on the go.Shoppingfor books You can search for books, read reviews, find the author, and more. The Goodreads app is a little more complicated to navigate than the website, but I still use the app about 95% of the time.

One of the best features of the mobile app is thescan booksFunction (in the menu). He canScan the barcodeof books and easily add them to your shelves. You can also scan the barcode of books while at the bookstore or library to easily read or add comments to your books.fileShelf. When shopping, you can also research a book's author and see if it's an author you've read and liked.

Goodreads Book Club (Grupos)

Goodreads Book Clubs or Goodreads Groups are the place to beto connectwith other readers like you! You can search for groupstitleÖhe. See what people in the group are reading right now. Get the information and add it to the conversation in numerous targeted discussion forums.join the groupto receive notifications of updates.

To search for a group, clickcommunitytab and clickThe group. You'll find Featured Groups, Recently Active Groups, New Groups, Goodread Author Groups, and more. On the left side of the screen, you can browse tags, view official groups, and search by group category.

If you're social or enjoy talking about books, Goodreads groups are your favorite place to meet online. Chat with other readers and get the most important details about your favorite books and genres. Swap quotes, talk about your favorite characters, and discuss the best tropes. With so many groups to choose from, you're sure to find something you like. But you can also create your own group at any time!

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Goodreads Gifts

To winfree bookswith gifts from goodreads! Hundreds of giveaways are happening on Goodreads at any given time. Browse gifts by genre or featured, ending soon, most requested and newest gifts. Many of the freebies include preliminary books! All winners will be randomly selected.

On the sweepstakes page, you can easily see the cover and title of the book, the format the book is available in (Kindle or Print), when the sweepstakes ends, availability (how many copies are available and how many people entered), and the sweepstakes of the dates and countries where the draw is available.

You can also search for gifts by selecting Featured, Coming Soon, Most Requested, and Most Recent. You can also browse by genre on the left side of the screen. It's easy to enter a sweepstakes. just clickparticipate in the draw, provide a shipping address, agree to the terms and conditions, and you're done!

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good reading challenge

The goodreads reading challenge is the perfect motivation to keep reading! Just choose how many books you want to read in a year. When you read a new book, it counts towards your Good Read Challenge. If you reread a book, that counts too! Check your progress at any time in the goodreads desktop version (on the left side of the screen) or in the goodreads app (in the menu). Something about that blank bar always motivates me to read!

In 2018, over 2.6 million users participated in the 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge. The average number of books promised was 51. As of May 2018, 5,808 challenges have already been completed! You can check your progress on your reading challenge at any time.

I joined the challenge earlier this year when Goodreads promoted it, but I'm sure you can always join the challenge. just find themgood reading challengeon the left side of the screen on the desktop or in the application menu. Choose how many books you want to read per year and start reading!

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Why aren't my books appearing in my Goodreads Challenge?

If youread booksthis year but youdoes not appearon your challenges page you have to do thisChange reading date. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this in the Goodreads app. But it's really easy on the desktop version of Goodreads. just go to youfileBookcase. Above you can see various details like cover, title, author, average rating, etc. One of the details isdate read. There must be a small date for each book or it will saynot established. Below the date there is a link toTo edit. Just click the edit link and enter the date you read the book.

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To avoid this step, you can place books on youris readingshelf first. If you change it fromis readingshelf for himfileRegal, this day is saved as read date.

This is not everything!

Goodreads offers personalized recommendations, quizzes, quotes, ways to connect with authors, and Goodreads Choice Awards.

Goodreads Recommendations

read the goodrecommendationsThey are another one of my favorite Goodreads things. Recommendations are based on the books you've read and the ratings you've given them. The more books you read and rate, the morecustomYou get their recommendations.

You can view the recommendations in the app or the desktop version. Just click on the appMenuand clickrecommendations. From there, you can search for gender. I recently created my Goodreads accounts and only have about 30 books reviewed. Book recommendations (mostly in the science fiction genre) are already perfect for me!


Goodreads-Quiz elustigOpportunity to further enjoy your reading experience. There are all kinds of quizzes about books and even about authors! These are great if you wantto testHow much do you know about a book or do you just have to beimmerseda few more minutes in the world. They're even better if you have to read that book for school and you want to make sure you remember everything.

In the desktop version, clickcommunity, then clickquestionnaires. You can search quizzes by subject, book title or author. You can also search by tags. Just for you I was looking for a quizashes. I definitely got 9/10! And the only thing I got wrong was a right or wrong question about whether Cinder is human. I said yes because being a cyborg means you are no longer human? Personally, I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. I think Cinder is human and cyborg. But apparently the creator of the quiz doesn't agree with me. But do you see how much fun I had? 🙂

Goodread Quotes

Goodreads is known for: ahuge collection of book quotes. You can easily find quotes from your favorite books. You can vote which quotes were your favorite (by clickingSe) and you can submit your own book quotes. Find citations by title, keyword or author. Browse tags or search for a tag.

Connect with writers

find itauthor pageto your favorite author by clicking on their name. Your name will be on the same page of any book you write. On the author's page you can see some information about him, see a list of his books and much more. Below the author's photo you can clickfollow the author. You can also use the arrow next to this button to add as a friend, send a message or add your favorite authors.

Sometimes writers doLive Q&AFollow your favorite authors to get notified when they publish new books.

Recompensas Goodreads Choice

goodreads sind choice awardschosen exclusively by readers! In November and December you can vote for your favorite books of the year. Goodreads selects 15 nominees, and readers choose the best book in each of 20 different categories. If you want to vote for a book out of the 15 nominees, you can write it in a poll.

I think we can all agree that Goodreads is aamazing toolto find books. you can be likesocialas you like with many friends, groups, discussions, etc. or you canlurks in the background(like me) and enjoy everything without much interaction.

whether you use oneLichtor reading brochures, Goodreads is a great way to keep up!

Do you need some books for yourfileShelf? be sure to addMy science fiction booksor look at meThe 6 Best Sci-Fi Books With Strong Female Leads. Read more about my gender in myWhat is soft science fiction?Post.

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What is the best way to use Goodreads? ›

How To Use Goodreads To Dramatically Grow Your Audience
  1. USE GOODREADS AS A READER. The key to all social media is this: don't use social media as marketing - use it as a way to connect with other people and build a relationship with them. ...
  3. POST REVIEWS. ...
Nov 10, 2022

How do people use Goodreads? ›

Goodreads is a book-focused website that helps you keep track of what you're reading and lets you write book reviews. Once you rate books or mark them as read, Goodreads will recommend new books for you to read.

How do I read books on Goodreads for free? ›

If a book is readable, you'll see a green Read Book button below the cover image. Just click on that to start reading! You can find a list of all the free readable ebooks on Goodreads here.

How do I get the most out of Goodreads? ›

Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Goodreads
  1. Set up a profile on Goodreads. ...
  2. Find your friends or make new ones. ...
  3. Add your favorite books. ...
  4. Find book recommendations. ...
  5. Rate books to get better recommendations. ...
  6. Find awesome quotes. ...
  7. Add some of your favorite quotes. ...
  8. Join or start a discussion group.

Is there an app better than Goodreads? ›

The Ultimate Guide To Goodreads Alternatives —
  • The StoryGraph. The StoryGraph is a website and app that allows users to discover and share books. ...
  • Booksloth. ...
  • Basmo. ...
  • Libib. ...
  • Bookly. ...
  • Likewise. ...
  • #Bookstagram & #BookTok. ...
  • Notion, Airtable, or Google Sheets.
Dec 8, 2022

What are the benefits of Goodreads? ›

Goodreads will keep your books organized.

Bookshelves make it easy to find books from different genres. One more benefit of Goodreads is that you can keep your books organized. As stated before, there are automatically three library shelves: Read, Want to Read, and Currently Reading.

Why do people like Goodreads? ›

People in the book community have strong feelings about Goodreads. Some readers see it as a simple tool they use to track their own personal reading, while others spend hours writing and reading reviews, commenting on others' reviews, and participating in its many features.

How much does Goodreads cost per month? ›

No – Goodreads is a completely free book review and recommendation site, so you won't need to pay to access the site or app, unless you're an author who is creating a giveaway. Does Goodreads cost money?

What is the best reading app? ›

Best reading apps for your phone or tablet
  • Libby by Overdrive – Best book reading app for iOS. ...
  • Goodreads – Excellent iOS reading app. ...
  • eBoox – Great for Android. ...
  • Nook by Barnes & Noble. ...
  • Epic – Best kids' books ereader. ...
  • Apple Books. ...
  • Wattpad – Upload your own stories. ...
  • Kobo.
Jul 20, 2022

How do I organize my books on Goodreads? ›

You can sort your, or your friends', reading lists by any criteria you'd like, using the links at the top of the column while viewing a shelf. For example, to sort by title, click on title, which appears at the top of the page. Clicking again will reverse the sort order.

How do I download books from Goodreads? ›

You can also click in the search bar on the right-hand side (it will say “Search by Title or Author” if it's empty) and type in the name or author of an e-book that you're looking for. Then click Find eBooks. When you find a book that you want to download, click Download eBook.

How do you listen to books on Goodreads? ›

Simply look for the Listen icon on the Goodreads book page. Click on the Listen icon and the audio sample will start to play. You can listen, pause, and resume the sample. There is no need for any special software – the sample will play within your browser.

How do I find good books on Goodreads? ›

5 Ways to Find New Books to Read Using Goodreads
  1. Use the "Books Similar To" Method. ...
  2. Use Goodreads' Listopia Feature. ...
  3. Browse Your Personalized Recommendations. ...
  4. Join a Goodreads Group (or 20) ...
  5. Take Your Cue From the Choice Awards Winners.
Feb 16, 2022


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