The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (2023)

Consistently rated as one of the best culinary cities ofUS News Travel, New Orleans is known for perfecting Creole cuisine, delivering vibrant flavors and offering a unique dining experience. Influenced by various cultures, including French, Italian, African, Spanish and Caribbean, New Orleans cuisine celebrates its heritage and paves the way for a new culinary world.

While you can go for staples like red beans and rice, gumbo anddonutsWhen you think of New Orleans, visitors have a lot more variety in the food scene.

In a city with over 1,400 restaurants, visitors can choose from classic Creole establishments, casual neighborhood dining, or a wide variety of authentic international cuisine found throughout New Orleans.

We've rounded up the 20 best restaurants in New Orleans by area to take the guesswork out of your visit.

The best restaurants in the Uptown/Garden District

Stein's Market i delikatesy

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (1)
  • Address:2207 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Price point:$
  • Internet side: steinsdeli. come

Jewish-Italian market in the heartLower Garden District, Stein's Market and Deli has been a neighborhood favorite since 2006.

Stein's is a stepping stone from the laketraditional podrengNola sandwich shops with New York-style sandwiches that showcase the quality of meats and cheeses. Tall wall decorations and crowded tables create a dining atmosphere you might imagine from a much-loved hole-in-the-wall diner.

We recommend trying the Muphuletta, an Italian muffuletta sandwich that the locals love. Stein's Market and Deli is open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast and lunch. Endless sandwiches and daily fresh coffee and juice make it the perfect quiet place to start your day or break for lunch.

Türkiye og ulven

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (2)

Nothing beats turkey and wolf, both in New Orleans and around the world. Opened in 2017 by Mason Herefield and inspired by his childhood in the early 1990s, Turkey and the Wolf is a unique sandwich shop in the Lower Garden District.

Famous for its quirky decor, imaginative sandwiches and unique dining experiences. Although it feels like you've stepped back in time with the restaurant's colorful atmosphere and vintage style, Turkey and the Wolf is by no means outdated.

Mason and his team reinvent traditional classics like ham and cheese and turn them into handcrafted masterpieces using ingredients like smoked ham, aged cheddar and spicy arugula. No wonder it was madeList of the Best New Bon Appetit Restaurants 2017 in the United States

Clancy's Restaurant

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (3)

Just a few blocks from Audubon Park, Clancy's Restaurant is a dominant presence in the neighborhoodUptown Districtsince 1940.

Originally, Clancy's served the community as a neighborhood bar and candy store. However, in the 1980s it was converted into a Creole gourmet restaurant and remains so today.

With a changing menu featuring local ingredients, Clancy's offers lunch Thursdays and Fridays and dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Regularly serving Creole staples such as chicken and sausage andouille gumbo, shrimp moulade and bay fish fry, it's the perfect place for visitors to fully immerse themselves in New Orleans cuisine in a warm yet refined atmosphere.

Reservations are required, made one month in advance.

Bistro Daisy

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (4)
  • Address:5831 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side: bistrokrotki. kom

Bistro Daisy is a hidden gem in the Uptown area. Bistro Daisy opened in 2007 and is located on Magazine Street in a charming yellow cottage with an intimate dining room. This new American family-run restaurant is known for its seasonal, fresh ingredients that celebrate local produce.

(Video) Restaurant Review Videos: French Quarter New Orleans Christmas 2020 Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse

The main menu includes Fried Gulf Shrimp, Crispy Duck Legs and Fried Yellowfin Tuna. Bistro Daisy focuses on quality, from the ingredients, through the wine list, to impeccable service.

Casual business attire is required and reservations are recommended.

Commander's Palace

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (5)

A city landmark since 1893, Commander's Palace has won multiple James Beard awards and is regularly rated New Orleans' best restaurant.

Known for its Creole cuisine and extravagant interior, Commander's Palace stands out from New Orleans fine dining as a timeless choice that consistently delivers an unforgettable dining experience.

We recommend trying their famous turtle soup and Persian Gulf shrimp with pecan seasoning. Commander's also offers a weekend live jazz brunch where you can enjoy a Bloody Mary while listening to the Joe Simon Jazz Trio.

We recommend booking well in advance for a weekend visit to the Commander's Palace, as it usually fills up quickly. The dress code is business attire.

pro-tip:Commander's Palace has been serving $0.25 martinis for ages and it's the best booze deal in town!

native language

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (6)

Located in the Lower Garden District, Lengua Madre stands out on our list because nothing really comes close in New Orleans.

Chef Ana Castro has a modern take on authentic Mexican cuisine and has created a masterpiece in terms of taste, atmosphere and overall experience. Walking into an unmarked corner location is like stepping into another world. A neon pink hallway leads to a trendy yet elegant dining room overlooking the open kitchen.

Lengua Madre offers a rotating 5-course tasting menu with optional wine pairings that celebrates Mexican ingredients and culture. Chef Castro's vision and execution put it on the mapThe best new chefs of 2022 according to Food & Wine magazine.

Reservations are required.

The best restaurants in the Central Business District/French Quarter

Wil Jean

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (7)
  • Address:611 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans, LA 70113, USA
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side:

Open daily for breakfast and lunch, Willa Jean is a contemporary bakery that serves brunch in a relaxed, modern atmosphere.

Willa Jean offers a seasonal menu with fresh ingredients and is famous for its homemade biscuits such as fried chicken and Tabasco gingerbread. Willa Jean serves coffee, cakes, breakfast plates and sweets every day until 15.00 and is the perfect stopover for breakfast or afternoon.

Copper vines

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (8)
  • Address:1001 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70112
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side:

Opened in 2018, Copper Vine is a wine bar and restaurant located in the Warehouse District of downtown New Orleans. Copper Vine offers a refined wine list, classic American cuisine and a modern atmosphere with indoor and patio seating.

With brunch, lunch and dinner options, this is one of the few restaurants that can be enjoyed any time of day when you visit. Copper Vine offers happy hour weekdays from 2-6 p.m., where guests can sample wines for $8.

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With sharing appetizers like black truffle fries, Louisiana crawfish fries or Cajun carrots, it's the perfect combination of Southern and New American cuisine.

Reservation is recommended.


The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (9)
  • Address:930 Tchoupitoulas St suite a, New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet

Cochon has been a favorite in the Big Easy since it opened in 2006. Chef Donald Link serves authentic Cajun cuisine using local ingredients and traditional cooking methods that pay homage to his Southern roots.

Here you will find a refined take on classic dishes such as fried boudin, alligator and fried catfish. On a less traditional list, you can even order half a pig's head for your table!

If you're looking for meaningful comfort food in a warm, inviting atmosphere, this is your place.

Find GW

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (10)
  • Address:808 Bienville Street, New Orleans, LA 70112
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side:

When it comes to celebrating Gulf Coast seafood, GW Fins is second to none. This classic establishment in the French Quarter showcases nature at its best with quality ingredients from the Gulf and skilled butchering techniques that celebrate the whole fish.

With impeccable service and a warm, elegant atmosphere, the entire dining experience is exceptional from start to finish.

Unique menu items include lobster noodles and tempura fin wings for appetizers, dried seafood dishes for entrees, and half-shelled coconut for dessert. Of course, the drinks here are quite an experience, with exceptional cocktails and an outstanding wine list.

Reservations are recommended; Bar seats available on a first-come, first-served basis. The dress code is business.

from Brennan

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (11)

It's impossible to list the best restaurants in NOLA without mentioning the Brennan family. With 13 restaurants throughout New Orleans, they have built a legacy for themselves by delivering a reliable, high-quality dining experience.

Brennan's, the original Brennan family restaurant, opened in 1946. Located in the heart of the French Quarter, a century later, it is still the quintessential New Orleans restaurant. Brennan's is famous for its many staples, including the famous Eggs Hussarde, a twist on the classic Eggs Benedict served at Breakfast at Brennan's.

If you are looking for elegant, festive, classic New Orleans, this is the place for you. Reservations are required and open 30 days in advance. We recommend booking as soon as possible if you plan to visit as they fill up quickly.

Fun fact:Brennan's invented the original Bananas Foster that we know all over the world and is still a staple on their menu to this day!


The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (12)
  • Address:209 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Price point:$$$$
  • Internet side:

Bourbon Street isn't necessarily known for its fine dining, but Galatoire's stands out from the daiquiri bars as a fine dining establishment. Galatoire's has won numerous awards, including the James Beard Foundation's Best Restaurant Award, and is considered a classic New Orleans restaurant serving French Creole cuisine and a festive atmosphere for all occasions.

But the real deal is Galatoire's Friday Lunch, a weekly treat on the first floor with cocktails, seafood platters and even a second line to finish off your meal. No reservations are taken for Friday lunch, and guests line up at 7 to secure a place!

(Video) Best Places for Seafood in New Orleans

For a more relaxed atmosphere, step away from the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street and head to this French-inspired bistro for lunch or dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

Reservations recommended and casual business required.

The best restaurants in the city center

Pho tau-baai

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (13)

With a large Vietnamese population, New Orleans has no shortage of great authentic Vietnamese restaurants. A corner spot across from Tulane Medical School, Pho Tau Bay stands out from the crowd as a local favorite.

Upon entry, you'll find exposed brick walls and a modern aesthetic, perfect for lunch or a relaxing dinner. Between their endless pho options and the banh hoi menu, the Vietnamese version of the boys, you can't go wrong here for a quick and tasty meal.

Open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner.

Katie's Restaurant and Bar

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (14)

If you've been to Katie's, you'll love Katie's. Katie's is a cozy neighborhood restaurant and bar whereA district in the middle of the citysince 1984

Hurricane Katrina has threatened to close its doors for good when it survives seven feet of flooding. But five years later, in 2010, Katie's reopened and has been a fixture in the neighborhood ever since.

The quaint, unassuming corner building opens onto a warm and intimate dining room. People come for Nola classics like Cochon de lait, grilled oysters and crayfish fritters. However, they stick to the wood-oven pizza that is consistently ranked among the best in the Big Easy.

Open daily for lunch and dinner, this is the perfect quiet spot to tuck in and feel like a local.

Scotch House Williego Mae

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (15)

Originally housed in a historic buildingThe surroundings in Trembefore moving to Mid-City, Willie Mae's Scotch House is an iconic New Orleans restaurant that offers the best Southern food imaginable.

There may be hidden gems in most corners of New Orleans, but this one is special, and you'll know why as soon as you walk in the door.

Willie Mae's is famous for serving the best fried chicken in town, as well as classic Southern entrees like butter beans, cornbread, and of course, bread pudding for dessert. The queue may be long, but your taste buds will thank you later.

Trina Lisa is moving

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (16)

As one of the newest restaurants on our list, Queen Trina Lisa is making a name for itself as an unforgettable Caribbean restaurant in the heart of Mid-City.

Opened in late 2021 by chef Lisa Nelson, this lively corner restaurant celebrates Nelson's Trinidad & Tobago heritage through its food and atmosphere. The award-winning marinated BBQ chicken, oxtail soup and Caribbean spinach is everything you could want and more from a place with a soul.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12.00.

(Video) New Orleans Travel Vlog: French Quarter Restaurant Review Videos of African Food at Bennachin

They will

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (17)
  • Address:127 N Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side:

Zasu is the cozy gourmet eatery Mid-City has been waiting for, and it hasn't disappointed since opening in 2019. Chefs Sue Zemanick and Jeff McLennan offer a refined seasonal menu featuring fresh Gulf Coast ingredients.

The atmosphere is atmospheric and refined, making it the perfect setting for an intimate dinner. In a concise menu that pays tribute to seafood, we recommend trying squid with chorizo ​​​​as a starter and red snapper as a starter.

Reservation is recommended.

The best restaurants in Marigny / Bywater

Dian Xin

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (18)
  • Address:1218 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116 og 620 Conti St, New Orleans, LA 70130
  • Price point:$$
  • Internet side:

Right on the edge of the French Quarter andmarignyis Dian Xin, an authentic Chinese restaurant serving Asian delicacies such as dim sum, dumplings and more. When your taste buds are looking for something other than Creole or Cajun during your stay, this is the perfect place for you.

Consistently rated the best Chinese food in Nola, Dian Zin is loved by locals and tourists alike. Although there is usually a wait, the service is quick for a very good reason and the dumpling soup that comes to you is worth it.

And with another location in the French Quarter, it's an easy stop no matter where you are.

From Franklin

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (19)

Franklin is one of those restaurants that effortlessly takes on the personality of its community. Located in a former corner store between Marigny andWith vandneighborhoods, The Franklin is both sophisticated and eclectic.

And while the menu screams loudly, the cozy atmosphere allows guests to relax and enjoy a slow meal in a moody, relaxed setting. While we might rave about menu items like espresso steak or steamed clams, we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight the exceptional cocktail menu.

Franklin bartenders are magical mixologists, and you won't get lost either with a classic cocktail or with an original creation.

Bacchanal good wines and spirits

The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA (20)

What started as a small wine shop became what the locals called "Nola's Backyard Party," and for good reason. Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits is the epitome of New Orleans culture.

The wine shop was integral to New Orleans' post-Katrina revitalization when it started Bacchanal Sundays, a pop-up to support local chefs whose restaurants had been destroyed. The community came together for great food, wine and backyard parties to support the city they love and the people who make it special.

To this day, Bacchanal is the place for small plates, an extensive wine list and live music seven days a week.

No reservations and guests must be 21 or older to enter.

Tips for making the most of Nola's culinary scene

As you can see, there is no shortage of food options at the Big Easy. Visitors can find any cuisine, atmosphere and price they want from district to district. And while it's nearly impossible to have a bad meal in New Orleans, this list will get you started on the best Nola has to offer.

Here are our tips for making the most of Nola's culinary scene:

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  • For restaurants that accept reservations, we recommend making them well in advance of your trip. Most reservations are opened a month in advance.
  • Start with the places to try and book there first, then build your food tour.
  • Most fine dining restaurants have bars that are perfect for pre-dinner drinks. If you have not made a reservation, you can enjoy the full menu at the bar upon request.
  • Ask your server for recommendations and local favorites, as each restaurant is known for something unique.
  • If you arrive by car, be aware of parking charges such as valet parking, public parking and more. Paid parking is required for most locations in the French Quarter.
  • The locals never skip dessert. This also applies to chocolatePralinki Tante Sallyor ice creamCreole Dairyyou want a treat.
  • And finally, to finish with a drink, go toHot lookzHealing: recoveryfor unique drinks.

Eat like a local in New Orleans

With that, you're ready to conquer the New Orleans food scene! With great restaurants dotted around the city, more than a few will be within walking distance or a short drive from yoursholiday home. Whether you're craving a Cajun or Creole classic or just a hearty meal, you'll get more than you bargained for in this gourmet paradise.

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The 20 Best Restaurants in New Orleans - Book NOLA? ›

New Orleans is famous for a lot of foods, and chief among them is the traditional rice dish known as jambalaya.

What is the most famous food in New Orleans? ›

New Orleans is famous for a lot of foods, and chief among them is the traditional rice dish known as jambalaya.

Where did Anthony Bourdain eat in Louisiana? ›

Tee-Eva's ("A Cook's Tour" in 2003) Checkpoint Charlie's ("A Cook's Tour" in 2003) The Harbor Restaurant ("A Cook's Tour" in 2003) Verti Marte ("A Cook's Tour" in 2003)

Where do locals hang out New Orleans? ›

If you're looking to experience the city like a local, avoid Bourbon Street. Period. Instead, head out to some of our other wonderful neighborhoods, including the Garden District, Mid City, Treme, Bywater, Uptown and Lakeview, to name a few. Try to commit to visiting at least 1–2 neighborhoods while you're here.

What is the dress code for Antoine's New Orleans? ›

The dress code is business casual – collared shirts are required for gentlemen, jackets preferred but not required, no flip-flops, t-shirts, or athletic shorts are permitted. The dress code will be enforced at the manager's discretion.


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