How to please a woman: 15 effective ways (2023)

How to please a woman: 15 effective ways (1)

Sex is an essential part of a relationship and is also considered one of the basic human needs.sexual pleasure is essentialfor men and women. Everyone has the right to feel loved in a relationship. Read on for the best tips if you want to know how to please a woman, including the different things to do during sex.

What does it mean to please a woman?

just put,sexually satisfy a womanit means that you are willing to explore your physical desires and do so with respect. It also means that if she pleases you, you are ready to reciprocate by returning her favor.

If youwoman in bed sex, you may need to make some changes to the way you do it.

For example, you may need to spend a little more timein the preliminariesbefore competing directly in the main event, or maybe you should try something she prefers but isn't her first choice. you will tooyou have to make an effortof the bedroom to make her happier.

Don't worry; Once you learn how to please a woman, she too will be more than willing to accommodate your sexual needs.

How long does it take to please a woman in bed?

Everyone's sexual preferences are slightly different, so it's hard to say how long it lasts.make a woman happy in bed🇧🇷 That means it may take more than a few minutes to do the writing. Women like foreplay and take longer than men to get in the mood.

While it's hard to say how long it takes to sexually satisfy a woman in bed, researchsex therapistsindicates an answer.

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Although current data is not available, a milestonefor studyfrom 2008 found that the ideal duration for sex is 7-13 minutes, so you might want to photograph that if you want to knowhow to bring joyhis wife.

15 ways to please a woman in bed

If you're ready to learn the most pleasurable things to do with a woman, consider these 15 strategies:

1. Besala

Women love to be kissed on the lips, and a few passionate kisses can touch the heart.lust for sex🇧🇷 Take your time to kiss her deeply and tenderly as it is one of the most important ways to please a girl.

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2. Crouch over it

It is well known that menhe likes to have oral sex, but women also like to be attacked by men. a recentfor studyfound that more than two-thirds of women find oral sex "very enjoyable."

3. Talk dirty in a way that pleases you

One offorms of sexual satisfactionA woman speaks in a way that pleases her. That means telling her how sexy she is and what exactly she likes about her body.

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4. Spend time on foreplay

How to please a woman: 15 effective ways (2)

If you want to know how to please a woman, get used to foreplay. This means taking the time to pet her, running your hand up and down her leg, orkisses all over her body🇧🇷 The effort you put into foreplay will turn her on a lot more.

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5. Whisper in her ear

A woman can't resist whispering in your ear that you think she's beautiful or that you wanttake her to the bedroom🇧🇷 Keep this strategy in your toolbox if you are interested in how to please a woman.

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6. Connect emotionally with her outside of the bedroom.

Women are emotional beings.🇧🇷 this is no secret. This means that if you want her to be sexually satisfied, you have to satisfy her emotional needs outside of sex.

When she feels emotionally connected to you, she will also find sex more pleasurable. That's because there's more to satisfying a woman than just pleasuring her physically. She also requires that you make her feel safe, loved, and valued.

7. Get ready to explore with her.

If you want to know howsatisfy his wife sexually, you must be willing to explore with her. If there's something she wants to try in bed, it's important to be open about it, and chances are she'll do the same for you.

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8. Tease her with some nibbles and licks.

We mentioned this before, but women usually need some foreplay to get their bodies excited for sex. Gently licking or biting her will physically stimulate her to stay.ready for sex.

9. Take care

A woman will notice your effort.Take care of yourselfphysically.Spending time doing sportsand by dressing well, you show her that you want to be sexually attractive to her. Spray him with some cologne to freshen him up and he'll have a hard time resisting you.

10. Ask him what he wants in bed

When you don't know how to please a woman, sometimes the easiest way is to ask her what she wants. Everyone has different preferences, so you may need to ask her what she needs from you to figure out how best to please her.

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11. Try some sex toys

How to please a woman: 15 effective ways (3)

Another way to please your partner is by introducing yourselfsome sex toys🇧🇷 Vibrators, handcuffs and dildos can add some excitement to your sex life andkeep the relationship in love, even if you've been together for a while.

12. Make her feel loved

Making an effort to make your woman feel loved is essential if you want to please her in bed becausetwo are connected🇧🇷 If she doesn't feel loved outside of the bedroom, she's going to have a lot of fun sexually.

do an effortpara conquer her with romance, tell her how much she means to you and help her around the house. The love he has for you will translate into a better experience between the sheets.

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13. Take time to pet her

Another crucial part of pleasing a woman is making sure you show it.physical affection outside of sex🇧🇷 One way to achieve this is by hugging.

Don't jump out of bed after sex; Instead of her, stay in bed with her for a few minutes and pet her. Make it a point to snuggle at night while you sleep together and chances are she's in bed.morning mood.

14. Use your fingers

Also on the list of ways to please a woman in bed is using your fingers to stimulate her. During the preliminary rounduse your fingersto stimulate her clit or hit her G-spot to prepare her for sex.

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15. Be nice to her

Offer a soft kiss on the cheek.or playing with her hair will help her feel safe and emotionally connected to you. This can set the stage for sex.

To learn more about the differences in sexual desire between the sexes, watch this video.

How to please a woman: 15 effective ways (4)

please her in bed and out of bed

Aside from how to please a woman in bed, it's important to know how to make her happy outside of the bedroom.Delighting a woman in and out of bedIt's important because the two are so closely related. Ways to achieve this include the following:

  • enjoy her body

Whether you have children or not, chances are your body has been through a lot in its life. she canhave some insecurities, especially when she feels she doesn't measure up to society's beauty standards. do an effortpraise your bodyespecially when you feel bad.

  • change your routine

Predictability can leave a woman unsatisfied, so be open to trying new things, in and out of the bedroom.Try a new date night idea, or approaching her for sex in another room in the house besides the bedroom to spice things up a bit.

  • Practice open communication

Don't run away from sex or love. Be open with her about her needs and listen to what she needs from you. Be prepared to address any issues that arise to keep the lines of communication open.

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To know how to please a woman, you have to know what she likes. Every woman will have different preferences, but overall, the 15 tips here will give you an idea of ​​how to please her wife.

Making time for foreplay and making her feel loved in and out of the bedroom will go a long way toward making her happy in bed. She will appreciate your efforts and she will feel more connected to you both emotionally and physically.

Keep in mind that women can be complex beings, which means that sex for them is more than just physical pleasure. They'll want to feel an emotional connection to you, so a fulfilling sex life requires you to make an effort to show them how important they are to you.


How do you please a woman perfectly? ›

Start slowly, build up that anticipation and when we say slowly, we means really slowly. Stroke her legs, move your lips on her skin right from her toe to her thighs. Drop some kisses just near her 'v' and don't rush. Let her beg for more, that should be your goal.

What is the number 1 female turn on? ›

Women's number one turn-on is a shared orgasm with a lover; a whopping two-thirds (66%) put that on top. Men like this too – but only a third (33%) named it as their sexual peak, putting it fourth on the list. Instead, men's overall favourite sexual high is having sex with a new partner for the first time.

How do you maximize a woman's pleasure? ›

Pairing, shallowing, rocking or angling. These are techniques women use to increase their sexual pleasure during vaginal penetration, according to US scientists who surveyed more than 3,000 volunteers – all in the interest of health and wellbeing, of course.

How to satisfy a woman emotionally? ›

How to Emotionally Satisfy a Woman
  1. Domestic support. Share the responsibilities of running the household. ...
  2. Make love, not sex. Well, physical intimacy is not limited to just one goal! ...
  3. Downplay ogling. If you are out with her make sure all your attention is on her. ...
  4. Make her laugh.
Jan 17, 2014

What are 3 Turn ons for a woman? ›

Turn-ons for women
  • Being generous.
  • Being a good kisser. Ad.
  • Having a good sense of humour and a nice smile.
  • Being chivalrous and polite.
  • Confidence.
  • Doing housework.
  • Playing with her hair and massage.
  • Good grooming and fashion sense.
Jul 21, 2022

What triggers emotional attraction in a woman? ›

Emotional attraction is all about how you make another person FEEL. It can be triggered in a variety of ways: through touch, pheromones, body language, behavior, the tone of your voice, humor, confidence, and vulnerability. (Vulnerability is a really big one.)

What attracts a woman's attention? ›

Like her pictures, comment on them, while also tagging her in your updates.It will only make her feel more special and help you both bond better. Laughing a lot with guy friends when in a group, playing along with their jokes and generally, being familiar with guys she is close to, is just her way of teasing you.

What are the signs a woman is attracted to you? ›

Signs a Girl Is Attracted to You
  • Smiling at you.
  • Shooting short glances your way.
  • Darting her eyes away when you look at her.
  • Making prolonged eye contact with you.
  • Running fingers through her hair.
  • Licking her lips.
  • Exposing her neck.
  • Tilting her heads towards you.
Aug 15, 2021


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