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Parking is often a time-consuming and expensive problem, especially when traveling. In cities around the world, hotel parking is an important service for the hotel industry. Using the hotel car park has become one of the most practical ways to save time and money. This means that there is an increasing demand for well-managed parking services in hotels. Complaints about hotel parking are also on the rise as frustrated guests become increasingly anxious about not being able to reserve a parking space.
If you want to be competitive and have happy customers, parking lot management is paramount. Having an automated parking solution has become an essential factor in running a reputable hotel business.


  • The best benefits of a parking system for hotels
  • 12 Parking problems and solutions for hotels
  • Tailor-made parking solutions for hotels with added value
  • Frequently asked questions about parking problems at hotels

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The best benefits of a parking system for hotels

  • Provide parking for your employees and guests
  • Positive guest experience
  • Streamlined parking management with real-time data
  • Increase monitoring and control of parking spaces with advanced solutions
  • Generate more sales

12 Parking problems and solutions for hotels

  • Bad guest reviews
  • Parking abuse by non-guests
  • Problems with cash payment
  • Unnecessary waste of resources
  • No income generation
  • General organization of the parking lot
  • No real-time information
  • Multifunctional for existing RFID cards
  • Autonomous smart hotels
  • Non-resident guests
  • Existing supplier issues
  • Special parking spaces for employees

Bad guest reviews

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Valet parking at hotels regularly receives negative reviews and has a bad reputation for parking problems. If guests have reserved a parking space and it's not available when they arrive, they get upset and complain. Hotel parking spaces are limited and problems arise mainly when non-guests fill up the parking lot. This is because there is no physical barrier or gate. In addition, systems that are too complex can cause congestion at the input or output. Such situations are common due to poor parking management. To avoid problems, it is important to have a well-managed system that allows guests to park their car without worry.


Parklio offers the best intelligent parking products to protect your parking spaces. Together with Parklio™ PMS through a user-friendly interface, hotels get reliable parking control and management.


Parking abuse by non-guests

Hotels often experience parking problems due to insufficient parking security. Unauthorized parking by non-guests is one of the most common problems. Hotel parking spaces are often limited and fill up quickly. Although parking lots are regularly marked with a yellow "reserved" sign, non-guests will still park in hotel parking lots, especially if the hotel is close to tourist attractions. This is because there are no physical barriers or gates to secure private parking.

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Parklio™ parking protection effectively prevents hotel parking violations. Parking safety depends on the size and capacity of the parking lots. With Parklio™ QR and terminal, it is also possible to earn money by parking and paying for non-guests.


Problems with cash payment

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Paying cash for parking at hotels is difficult for several reasons. Guests must use cash, most likely coins, to pay for parking. Paying with cash creates unnecessary problems in a world where everyone accepts credit cards. Foreign visitors have additional problems as they have to exchange money to park. Having a system that allows you to pay by credit card would solve the problem. Advance payment at reception can also be a solution.


The Parklio™ terminal would solve the parking problems at the hotel with cash payment. This would significantly optimize parking management and help reduce congestion at the car park exits.


Unnecessary waste of resources

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In the absence of a managed parking system, resources can easily be wasted. Unauthorized vehicles often occupy hotel parking spaces, especially if hotels are located near tourist attractions, city centers, and business parks. This not only causes overcrowding, but also damages the hotel's reputation. If more parking spaces are available, a ticket payment system should be implemented. Furthermore, if parking lots are not automated and human labor is required, money and resources will be wasted. Automation also eliminates the need for valet parking. In addition to using an automated system, the hotel staff has real-time information about the occupancy of parking spaces.


The combination of Parklio™ and Parklio™ Terminal parking products is the perfect solution for optimizing parking areas. Automating entry and exit points in a car park or garage will reduce parking abuse and generate parking revenue.


No income generation

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If the hotel parking lots are not guarded and monitored, unauthorized vehicles can park freely there. The already scarce parking spaces are occupied by non-guests, as there is no card payment system. Monetization of parking spaces will enable safe and reserved parking spaces and provide added value for hotel guests. This option will also be available to non-resident hotel guests using hotel facilities such as wellness and spa or restaurants.


The Parklio™ terminal is the perfect solution for automating and monetizing parking spaces. It generates revenue for the hotel and creates added value for the hotel's guests. Parklio™ PMS allows you to analyze statistics and make intelligent business decisions.

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General organization of the parking lot

Offering a reserved and safe place to park your vehicle is an important part of a quality service. Managing hotel parking can be a challenge, especially at hotels with fairly limited parking options. Many parking problems are due to a lack of management. If parking lots are not properly organized, entrances and parking lots become clogged with unauthorized vehicles. Security problems also arise when hotels do not have a surveillance system. A well-managed parking system consisting of barriers and gates would improve traffic flow and general safety.


Parklio™ products and solutions simplify hotel parking. It will be easy to build more efficient parking facilities with real-time data.


No real-time information

It is difficult to provide parking spaces for visitors if an efficient parking system is not integrated. It is impossible to track available parking spaces without real-time occupancy information. Hotel receptionists cannot provide guests with parking occupancy information if they do not have access to real-time data. It is also essential to have the right information in order to react quickly to unpredictable situations. In order to provide visitors with the best possible service, it is essential to have a real-time information system.


Parklio™ solutions provide real-time information about the occupancy of a parking space or garage. Having real-time data will solve problems with hotel parking and allow you to effectively manage parking spaces.


Multifunctional for existing RFID cards

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RFID technology is often used in hotels to provide smart and secure locking systems. Thanks to it, access to hotel rooms and other facilities becomes easier and more convenient. Existing RFID cards can be used for parking with the integrated intelligent parking system. Hotel guests used their room keys to open the parking gate. Having one card simplifies and improves the comfort of staying at the hotel. It also leads to a more efficient management of total bookings and parking spaces, which is particularly important in the high season.


Hotel guests can access hotel rooms, other services and parking spaces with just one card, making it easier for them. Hotel staff can program the cards for the exact time slot. Parklio™ API in combination with Parklio™ Gate and Terminal enables integration with the existing hotel system.

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Autonomous smart hotels

Smart hotels are the future of tourism and hospitality. Technology has made everything within our reach, including travel. Transforming traditional hotels into smart hotels using artificial intelligence and automation. In practice, the meters are operated by robots or customers can register online. Food and drinks are delivered to customers by robots. One of the main features of smart hotels is the use of the smart key on the smartphone itself. When guests book accommodation, they automatically receive a digital key to their room, car park and other hotel facilities. If hotels have automatic parking, guests can park using a digital key on their phone. Automated car parks create added value for independent hotels.


Thanks to Parklio™ security and solutions, it is possible to transform any parking lot into a smart parking lot. Provides control and easy parking management. The Parklio™ API can be easily integrated into any existing system, reducing operating costs and increasing revenue.


Non-resident guests

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Restaurants, spa centers, fitness centers and sports fields are typical hotel facilities. People who use these services are still customers of the hotel, they are not guests of the hotel, therefore they should be able to use the hotel car park. It is important to have a system that will be able to distinguish non-resident guests from people who simply abuse parking spaces. Thanks to this system, guests can use the hotel's car park for free. After using the service, they receive a receipt with a QR code, which is scanned at the exit.


The combination of Parklio™ QR, Parklio™ Gate and Parklio™ Terminal puts an end to the misuse of hotel parking spaces. Guests must make at least one transaction within the hotel complex to receive free parking. Coupons have a QR code that the Parklio™ terminal can scan at the exit.


Existing supplier issues

If there are multiple providers, there may be problems connecting them. Interoperability between products from different manufacturers helps to use all information. It is essential to have a system that can communicate and use all the provided data. Problems with parking at hotels can also be due to the high costs of maintaining the existing parking security. Hotels may be required to pay additional fees for coverage already purchased. Parking door and payment terminal management systems sometimes cost hotels a lot of money with each upgrade.


The Parklio™ API can be easily integrated into any existing parking system, reducing operating costs and increasing revenue. It provides a more efficient use of parking spaces based on their real-time availability.

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Special parking spaces for employees

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In addition to guests, hotels should also consider employee satisfaction, as hotel staff play a key role in the hotel's reputation. They deal with stressful and unexpected situations with guests on a daily basis. Getting to work and looking for a free parking spot when you're in a hurry can be frustrating. Therefore, it is necessary to create a special parking lot for the hotel staff, which will alleviate the problem and avoid tense situations.


Hotel staff will use the digital key on their smartphones to operate the parking products via the Parklio™ Connect app and park in the reserved parking spaces. Having secured seats reduces the stress of searching for available seats.


Tailor-made parking solutions for hotels with added value

One solution to manage all your parking options

Hotels have benefited from innovations in parking technology. In recent years, technology has completely transformed parking, making it much more user-friendly and easier to manage. This applies to the hotel industry, especially chain hotels and resorts with multiple entrances and parking lots. To make it easier for guests to navigate and lead them directly to the property they want to visit, it is necessary to have a managed system. It improves traffic and ensures the best stay experience for every guest.


If you need specialized hardware or software to operate your intelligent system, we offer a unique solution created especially for you.


Frequently asked questions about parking problems at hotels

In addition to intelligent parking security, parking lots and garages must be continuously maintained. When guests arrive, the first thing they notice is the parking situation. It is very important that it is well maintained, safe and clean. Since late check-in is common, it is important to have a lighting system. Also try to place luggage carts near the parking lot. In addition, sufficient parking spaces should be provided for the disabled so that they can easily reach the hotel.

If there are not enough parking spaces for all employees, it may be a good idea to share a parking space with colleagues. Not all employees work the same shifts, some take leave or travel on business. This is probably the most cost-effective way to increase productivity. Another solution could be to encourage people to travel together.

3. What type of parking security should the hotel install?

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Hotel parking security depends on several factors, including the location and capacity of the parking lot. Smart parking barriers would be a solution if the hotel is centrally located, for example a boutique hotel in the historic center with only a few parking spaces. If we are talking about centers with a large number of parking spaces, an automatic barrier would be the solution. Also consider integrating intelligent parking solutions such as PMS to remotely manage parking spaces and control parking security.


Hotel parking management solutions | parklio™? ›


Parklio™ Parking Barriers are smartphone-controlled parking barriers that stop someone from using a parking space without permission. It provides control and easy management of your parking area. Protect your parking spot with a simple, easy to use, environment-friendly, and smartphone-controlled Parklio™ barrier.
™ parking protection will efficiently prevent parking violations in hotels. Parking protection depends on the size and capacity of parking lots. Also, with Parklio™ QR and Terminal it is possible to monetize parking and charge non-guests.

What does a parking management system do? ›

The system provides details of the vacant parking slots in the vicinity and reduces the traffic issues due to illegal parking in the vicinity. It is designed with an objective to meet the requirements of controlled parking that offers effortless parking tactics to the authorities.

What is parking lot management system? ›

Parking Management Systems (PMS) are the backbone of a modern parking operation. They are software solutions designed to help municipal parking authorities and private parking operators manage their parking assets.

What are smart parking solutions? ›

Smart parking solutions detect parking space availability in real-time, helping to optimize on-street parking in cities and in parking garages or surface parking lots such as those in shopping malls, train stations, corporate campuses, and more.

How does the IoT parking system work? ›

How Does Iot Based Parking System Work? Parking systems are installed on the outside of buildings or inside of buildings. When a vehicle enters the space, sensors detect its presence and calculate available parking slots. This information is then sent to the driver's phone via an app.


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