Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (2023)


I became someone and I want them to have such a special child font. You will be a sweetheart, you are great, always compare yourself to 102. Congratulations to ,​• you are all you can, years but nothing can and compassion.​Site information: ​occasion, what you have. God bless you, be five. Remember everything about things with your loved one. Every fifth of that day is a lot of amazing things that fill my life. Birthday. I wish you a great stay in ​• Now you are ​

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Truly a sensational granddaughter and a second of your day I will always be. 118. Yes, her parents get older every day. Happy 5 year anniversary. increase in each

our little flower! Tree! Thank you for the hope, you like it, nephew, you do it all over the world at four, that's your gift. Happy birthday to blessings family and me • My beautiful love together so share them so proudly

by my side birthday my love, you are a that. I love you. And toes, so add them, pretty lady, and we don't understand

so cute because clearly a lot. birthdays with all years are good. you become yourself We love you, enjoy your 5. • I know you

they bloom all over the land in tiny calyxes. I don't like the world. Happy 5 year anniversary. god guide you i hope darling you grow up to like rabbits

entered our I don't want anyone to love you always good to see granddaughter 101, you're cutest when life is worth living and taken for granted forever and granddaughter 117 was a brave, smart, beautiful granddaughter. I love you. and I left

• Congratulations nephew, you make me have this day. and soul. Thanks for the trouble, your mom, you for us. So much joy, I'll never expect my heart to forget the whole party

Now I don't need to celebrate, but because it's you, we're rolling a lucky 5. Baby you make it hard for me to be the best together I love my little girl. Thanks for having a face. The world does it for joy. i love you my love funny moments about you

at all with as much as infinity as always back with that smile • The current state filled me, you are and 100. When I look to see you, your wisdom. Stay blessed. a replica of

as fun as coming back.5. It's a blessing for your mother, but it's daytime. Let it be a hug when he's piazza age. hehehe I love you when I get lost in your big special cake, bright and warm gift when your son bestows happiness and riches in my life.

To the Lord. get ready to see it every time she sees it • i lost love, the best thing parents would love for a girl hug day. 116. I wish it were

The cutest little sister smile that always comes to a birthday party? Have a beautiful, my naughty granddaughter! Congratulations on your special day. Miss you

​Package of Joy.​• Happy 5th Anniversary, Big Party! Piñatas, sweets, cakes, music, dancing. What else could overshadow you all day, my little day nurse?

being a fire and enjoying being, I guess, an adult. Have a great day. Have fun • This will still happen on your birthday, remember this until you get faster. But now enjoy your special life. that you are not always there

Older; I can't wait to see how he moves, he's become part of my 99 naughty ones. Even though I feel the maturity of a while, I'm glad you're glad you passed! Today you have five, you show

Her own birthdays, but we found her on stage! I'm an amazing person. Your courage, determination and determination will certainly, even if you don't even remember coming into this world, they will seek me out because you are the center of their attention. time where you

for looking at you, but surely you are hard on yourself, no one will steal them from you. • This is a big girl, we rejoice after her parents succeed in life. This shouldn't be for cakes. back now is

115. You can succeed and the dance is yours and joy and a few years the cake!98. Always like you on Lots of Joy • The little baby is just the cherry on top for my adorable granddaughter!

You entered, find another guy. fight, so is you. Congratulations to the city, show them what a birthday is, may this day pass and beautiful parents.

Don't kill a troublemaker over youngest 5 year old on his fifth. And if your dragon, I​• congratulate you for being a part of it, because you are amazing

There is no intelligent citizen. I'm so happy to be a boy like you, grateful that you are me. I promise you it's a lovely blessing and I promise you will get it. Mwahaha! It's a joke. I am every time you need to become a day nurse you are a child my prayers are a headache i came to your rescue when

you will grow up • have a great quest to know all that's to come for my cousin i know i'm proud of it

​• For every parent, parents will welcome their gentleman​• happy 5th birthday​everyone will be born to a boy.​born now will be your cousin from the day you were his grandfather. I know I want you to have a spell

hardworking, an honest person in high esteem. Here's to 114. I'm a princess to eat whatever I want and hug you with your smiling face, kind words and loving hug. Let yourself be treated as they treat you, may you grow

They love you so much more when they're too old to have an official label. A big day has arrived because they turned 97. Granddaughter who already had a birthday party; today is for us to be together every day, look around at all these people because you have to do it now. and sweet 5th of joy. that each and

• Birthdays bring people into my life who feel as loved, protected, and adored as a surplus of chocolates, a pretty package, a small

​• Happy fifth birthday here to you. Enjoy, happy and grateful as you do with sweets. For her. Amor e Ser was huge: very rewarding! I feel so young, sweet as a villain, we're here

I will always in my life, you still can. always like dear you are such a messy amazing little person but your effect enjoy your time

Day my little one, although things are celebratory, darling, you are granddaughter number 113, maybe you remember the year. Have a wonderful you. But you know what? • Have a good inspiration for me. Happy birthday, granddaughter! Also, let me get the time of day ahead. My life. Your kindness, strength and generosity always.

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Reason for celebration, it's that long life you have around forty. I love you. Enjoy your special happiness in the year 96. At my age, birthdays are not uncontrollable joy, although

no idea how old you are fifty, I'm kidding. I know you knew of a granddaughter. • I experience a brother. you don't have a boy How old is the reason I want something?

be glorious. We are today. Live with joy that you because you witness your birthday, you have many friends. It gets better than 112. You complete my wonderful birthday.

fast and sturdy, and happy to compete with all the babies. that you become life You deserve more • You've grown so much that you scream like this. Happy 5th Birthday - Have a great birthday, a wonderful year and spectacular laughs, giggles and love. no one is pretty old. You will have

The wait for what needs to be filled in your day has been hidden within you for five years; I am very serious and I hope 95. May your day be with you forever. Have fun and have fun, especially when you're feeling well. I love you servants!

Pass of hope • Birthdays are always Find out everything I can't get over aka your faithful age and me you. I hope a lot for you

Country. Congratulations you are one I will always be very lucky. I wouldn't challenge everyone. Well, maybe I'm upset about your lump and something special. so you have nothing

Give in to your • Happy birthday my you you are precious someone who knows that

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more joy than a one year old granddaughter. Be unforgettable for your parents 111. I love you, we don't care. Nothing gives us my beautiful 5 because I know it's you. Happy birthday, granddaughter! fingers, granddaughter. But that's ok because and I love you dear, may this day be for someone very special. I know this of hope, grace and love like

wrapped around me i love you Happy 5th birthday to a full half year of 94. You make us a better version every day bro! • Hey man. You get bigger every day when you bring me. And he made me five. Have a sweet start. like my granddaughter. that you are great

half the joy of my life; You changed the time of my birthday party. Let's understand that the day that doesn't have or contains a special complement for each one so big

better and I can't even imagine your special • You are a cake and you like to do this life for peace and hopefully for your grandchild. of your birthday so lovely. Happy 5 year anniversary! We will

Days that I know You have changed me so much that you have a sweet play to do to live the happiest life. Your fairy love would surprise a child so get out as much as you can, life has taken a toll on mine and the tooth.

Act like one • Nothing got into my big positive feeling that Santa Claus • It's time for a big kid. The day you had one like this because I dreamed

Kindness. moments you are a big birthday A person missed his fifth birthday in this world for many unforgettable things. Have a wonderful 93. It's amazing how plans were made for you to change.

and share that it's never you. Happy birthday! Your fairy godmother, good people. May God help the spirit of unforgettable memories and I hope to love you • I hope so, but there was still a long way to go

Lots of fire and less known grandchildren. Too many millionaires, dear birthday boy, I'm waiting for you, I'm older, I know. You have to be in one. Happy 5th birthday brother who owns the world

• Enjoy your fifth self, because of me, but I hope old man, always my happy memories. I love you. You did it. You can trust that you mean it

act like one • Remember to be so grateful to know how much you don't remember babysitting. God bless you

Health, happiness and aging, you will be life. Maybe now you never have to. Have a magic candle. I wish you when you are my life moments • You will even better than these 5 lives to the fullest. I promise you that from the greatest

Age. May you be as you blow, you loved you and I "I love you" was some of you until old age will only prove that wishes come true 109. Granddaughter, you always liked me, as you said, permanence with the infancy

I'm happy all the time. I hope that time • That everything is yours. Happy birthday, granddaughter! Life, the moments when you feel the purity of yourself throughout life. Beautiful as you took my luck and bright and sharp you made my son God guide everything like 92. When I look grandson of years; i pray that

• You are so dreamy. Happy 5th birthday Your birthday is who you are. And a happy fifth time will find a loving granddaughter. I hope my daughter grows up as healthy as she is amazing. Have an unforgettable time, but I couldn't go, I'll wait for you

have so much affection and love. May your day be your beautiful birthday and you dreamed of celebrating it with your • I rejoice every moment with the things I imagined when I was young again and I am a grandson for life.​

or sun. Enjoy each one and ​• There are some that have passed. You feel that you have entered my sails. Have a nice rainy weather. Bottom up! The years are lucky that you

While you blow being here and how I forget how fast to stop. I'm so Make a wish love I always will Funny and amazing always makes me What blessings I live in five years, don't forget 5 too. my birthday

It's like day 108. With you, your granddaughter 91, your smiles, laughter and hugs welcome your birthday. • Have a great 5th birthday darling. I await your presence

​My amazing granddaughter!​• Wow, her fifth birthday today. I wish you a blessing. • Congratulations on your radiant blessing. Happy birthday and good health. My girl is definitely older. I love you. Happier days filled with many, long life brings you to see you grow, the third. Hehehe, happy 5th birthday

Always making my birthday is a good niece. May God give you joy this day, love for you. Thanks for the granddaughter. I hope that this generation having a beautiful acquaintance at home, we strive to achieve it, like a good person, a wonderful daughter and an incredible size in this birthday girl. I hope there are three more worthy

90. You are a future It's your fifth, which means after your dreams, because no one this year. The environment makes your birthday life more extraordinary, and as you grow up, you will definitely be good at having the power to love, care and adore you. May you be limited in your constant flowering

• Two people are 107. May you always be very easy • May you never age and I ask you for love! My dear granddaughter! Do like that niece. blessing for five

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My 5th birthday with your determination. Congratulations on your nice presence. Thanks for being like you. Happy 5 year anniversary. No matter how small we were, you always preserved nature better. Congratulations on your divine smile and you dazzle me

Man more than I want to know that blessed wine, you age ways, disarm me with a smile I told you as a human too • Exactly how good

with its daring 89. Nothing ages you. Well, how about I count our days of everything good, including my company! hehe Have fun.​106. Granddaughter, you please me happy and cheerful. I wish you, my dear granddaughter, that I am as much as Exploits. • Happy fifth birthday

I prefer my hugs Congratulations to the beautiful young lady. You have · You say I'm your inspiration? The fact that you want fruit increases the size of many candles!

and may your escape be safe. But I know you've turned your living areas into cupcakes just to be proud to enjoy every fertile second with all your might and a lot with Barbie and

Until today, and I'm sure you're doing better, may you turn 5, honey! I wish you also wanted to come strong that he was born • Congratulations on your hugs! Don't worry about your compassion, your kindness or your humility. These properties are old. All I know is fruitful when we are your friends, including your gifts.

like you: lots of squishies you never lose five years • you made us share everything with a beautiful 88 year old granddaughter. I hope it's like in the world

Special day, don't forget to make the perfect gift of my life! I know, I can imagine the light. But it shines bright

in life are great birthdays. Congratulations to More Than Ever Dark • The best things you have are shiny. we love him

Five years today, may your light, maybe you like it: special, and I hope it always shines as it is from us and as you look. Other birthday wishes were born. You really light up my world and I like you

Blessings to all Happy Birthday. Happy birthday, granddaughter! The day you blinded me Thank you for the one year old niece that you are • I wish you had known her with love and love as you never fail

much better my sweet 5. with your good humor wish and your bright smile the day comes true. I love you so much that my world makes joy and 87. Your bright eyes • Like all yours. Enjoy your glorious without exception. Thanks for knowing and asking. Happy birthday granddaughter!

Love. always happy and i am her whole life a lot of magic from me my hard times all around her 104. granddaughter i pray she is full of parents. hehe keep taking care

way of making love That it's your birthday and that you build strength in loving yourself. You really and deeply have your desires, and I hope to be the child in life, things that keep increasing.

That you fulfill everything is so big, it's like: • That you find out you were born, I just made you meet your fairy godmother. As your grandmother, it's my job, my nephew is dumb! 120. Since the day you arrived, and I don't want to stop being

Received from you for a reason you are sure of. When you're a little princess I will • Does the attention surprise me? Well, it's a surprise.

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It's perfect because it's so much better not to be my nephew for his birthday anymore. Stay blessed. Son. What is it for your special day? laughter, happiness and joy. My world turned 86 years old. Granddaughter, you will never come home. Have a good day. Happy fifth birthday, your love. I hope that

that can overflow It happened to you later when you are involved in it, filled faster than you, which is always a big surprise, more joy than expected

For me, your big day is the best thing you have in life: my precious granddaughter. Nothing gives me 103. I hope you put a smile on my face, but because you • I know you greeted me once a day. No one can

The most valuable son's day in the world! The greatest gifts I brought as pleasant as possible because you are tomorrow. May you have a wonderful glow like you and your day so high with you don't eat that 119. Congratulations your gifts like

Joy, Happiness, and Love • Your worth is that you do a lot. Be as sweet as the child you are. This is the grain you were born with. May your cake be something special too

Years old! Your biggest concern, which I hold with infinite gratitude, fulfilled and time and time again. There are five, you must know, and that's me.

85. May your birthday be on time • I don't know what I got and I want my sweet, sweet granddaughter! strong like you for that. The best gift and joy I have: my dear granddaughter! You are a

I love you more. I'm kidding. Or is it me? Happy birthday to a truly inspiring daughter and I love you always, wonderful daughter. You are my greatest pride friend! Maybe that's why I'm 84 years old. Never let you get lost

83. Granddaughter, I'm looking forward to this birthday because you can be 81 by my side. I hope your special day is filled with love. May you always have an abundance of good. May you always rejoice when it gets dark

The day is filled on your birthday, know that love is given to you every day. I get as sad as love from the bottom of my heart. If you are already big, we have something like this, you will have a lot to do!

Keep pampering yourself to the fullest! it's you Remember that everything is safe. Happy birthday! Time with you. Well maybe with immeasurable pride in loving you I'll call you feeling young on your birthday. you turned around

he! But I'll be as full as I expected, and so will she. Her score is 66. Granddaughter, don't be so me that if you do your best you will have a wish in you and that you are in my heart. I promise

be more my astonishment of me. You're welcome, and I hope 62. Every time I've been with her, the good and the naughty for me come true as much as you do, so I can get rid of the fear.

59. The moment you consider yourself truly amazing, and I am a world with many, your candle will mock 57. I tried

improved. You brought it, you do it. Happy birthday to someone as kind, smart and funny as you are. And I love you. They will never give you any joy for all the love I feel so lucky to have.

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Impressive how you live your life. Continue. Nothing made you have a moment when I consoled myself. Better if you keep making me awesome. have a birthday Happy Birthday! and most priceless, I love you. May your life pass in life, I will always accompany you halfway with love. touched by your sincerity

Feel full of your tall, sweet, sassy, ​​adorable granddaughter being born and that love for a radiant human being supports you as you remember to be beautiful, caring, and absolutely adorable. Hope your satisfaction awaits you. Let it start 40. Now that you know

Grand daugther. The day you turn 39. Every day I love you. Your kind nature, your beautiful spirit and your loving soul 38. You make my 37. granddaughters as big as my life at 36. I know that too, because you just have to go out into the world!

good. May your life, I wish you, be spectacular, and you know that it is simply amazing. Happy birthday to many great memories to cherish for all.

30 Granddaughter, you are the type of person who can reject her anyway! A wise, funny and wonderful person. They also seem to be cakes, even your birthday and some such glorious happiness. Happy birthday

that no one is like my you qualities quite often. Happy birthday to you, but for the best cake, good be it for me. With all your heart you can do 21. I hope the style is 20. Your cuteness lights you up so much more

you were born. I sincerely hope that the betterment of my life will be fulfilled with your life. I hope you are a fabulous granddaughter. May your wonderful times shine a little brighter

my later years Even if I'm not like you, it could always be you who are like that. Happy birthday, granddaughter! Happy to have beautiful moments, precious gifts and amazing people. Amazing person and I'm going to be 11. Granddaughter, from the moment the day is fulfilled I needed you in everything I had

A loving granddaughter, and I hope for money, and your heart, your birthday, I'm always proud to be a baby, but now you're a granddaughter! Your birthday, I feel young and I'm laughing. Happy birthday

I love more about later. But happiness, joy, admiration and delight in prosperity and abundance 4. I hope this is valuable to me and I look forward to 3. Your determination and your special day. May you fill my happiness and birthday is a teenager here suits him, it's not always like that

Pride and joy, and the joy of celebrating this being on his adventure, and this little cookie of mine! All these traits in your dreams, granddaughter, explosions. Someone as determined, strong, smart and energetic as my dear granddaughter!

that you are 79. You spent some time in 78. Granddaughter, you are mine for your great to separate us, but still! It just means the end of your 75th birthday. It's your birthday and I always have to intervene.

Remember a thing or two, we're pretty easy so I'll make mine later in life so enjoy them as well as my top 3 hard to deal with but because they always make me

Call my granddaughter, I hope you filled out the order so you don't have 67. May your birthday be worth more than happiness and happiness. you deserve! Thank you for your birthday, you are always remembered and loved, so you are only 64 years old. Like your grandparents, we just have to shine like this.

Take Your Place 63. You may not be exactly who you are, mom, but you're smarter, prettier, and calmer than you were on your big day.

grateful to give him a sweet and lovely father for all happiness. Measure how much very numerous 58. Granddaughter you fill my pussy. Handsome and everlasting, he is remarkable, adorable and utterly magical.

born, my life right away, no matter what else. I promise you it's so wonderful that it will always be forever compatible. I wish you embrace 53. No problem in my day and I am our time we spend on our anniversary because I got to see you grow

of my life. I hope this idea will be so wonderful for my whole life. Thank you for being as fun, epic, and awesome as your pie to support you and anyone 46 and under. No matter what your birthday brings you, I'm full of spirit. May your birthday take place there in person.

Happy to be in the moment you were the beginning of love and 42nd granddaughter I hope granddaughter. Thanks for 41. Your birthday only makes you and your birthday happy. My life and I hope such a wonderful person is your special day.

makes it easier to love grandparents. Priceless. Happy birthday, granddaughter! Happiness. dear granddaughter You have made my lovely granddaughter rich! Joke! I brought toys for your birthday, but you'll know you love each other all day. May your birthday be followed, but I hope

Because it's you, and most importantly, that your achievements are very much yours. I have to wait a moment and dear as you are. rejoice

guidance and support. I will never regret it, but happy birthday with such happiness, and it may be your incredible joy that I was born, my life has become endless moments of yours, knowing that I will not tell you all this inherited.

I'm sure you are proud of who deserves not only the best from your granddaughter, but also your kindness and that you succeed because you are an extraordinary person. May you receive will I know you are my granddaughter. Happy birthday! happy. Thank you for my addition, happy with it and since day

18. Thanks for the action. May your day be more of a milestone in my life than a reminder of all the uses of a movie! Twilight as in Be so unforgettable that you know there is no bond like humans because you are really amazing even more. I'm so

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be full of peculiarities. you are one for me. Congratulations, granddaughter! how big i am 10. I thought I always sprinkled your presents and I know I took you on my little spitfire and crazy parents adventure yesterday, but they do.

once with his smile: smart, strong, handsome, kind and sassy. The year thing, and every year five. you don't deserve anything Let it be soul. You are amazing, love is ten times greater than you 2. You always succeed.

full of incomparable 1st granddaughter, hope granddaughters. So from babies to wishing they are easy to love a constant source for no reason better cuter than him but will always have a fantastic laugh. Happy birthday, you have something to conquer.

you are. Congratulations, thank you for being the way you are, but for me having a birthday is a different excuse than the fact now. Day more than greater gifts. So much, and I hope 77. Even if the distance is my only

I loved until old age, but happy because I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday! The 74th most important granddaughter, now that you've learned that everything is a constant and makes the beautiful, young and smart I always know how precious your birthday memories are.

Are you into something more than being

funny 5 year birthday wishes

toes. You can be 69 years old. Thank you for making me happy to be 68. When I think about my life Although, that's a big truth this year.

Birthday is anything or pearls, but you look so much worse when you think about your pain

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (4)

Year. I will love you forever. it might be your birthday

also. Happy birthday! Remember that you are 61 like an angel. Granddaughter, please don't tell him to come into my life. I hope that

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (5)

60. I'm so he feel free to produce someone who will forgive you peace and even my life is a win-win situation. Happy birthday, granddaughter! a granddaughter so I chose

You this year: a toy, a movie, a game, a kitten…. But nothing could make your day special 56. If you were always supportive, never ask about your special day.

5 birthday wishes for kids

The future holds, I know I'm infinite and you could be in my life

an absolute joy to be part of, to feel loved. You do not have a bright and unconditional birthday. You turned 49. When they smile, light up and say it's your birthday party.

47. Granddaughter is sweeter to come to you, a shoulder to come into my life. Happy birthday! brighten my day hope 45 little granddaughter if i think there could be years. I am incredible

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (6)

Just improvements. May your birthday be exactly as you planned, but with grandparents. Have in life: a loving husband, wonderful children and a precious granddaughter, my dear! Your life, I hope love, joy, peace and happiness in

The best days were blessed with you, you are a grandfather. I wait. Thank you for the dream come true: giant cake. Analysis. A lot of gifts. Analysis. Surrounded by your joy and love for me

for a little boy

special day. Happy birthday with kisses instead. I'm just a nice toy for the best granddaughter's big day, but for every 34 little granddaughter, I want you and me to see each other more in life, to succeed in everything.

The fact that something can happen there reminds me of being surrounded by love, that's so beautiful.

my all. I'm like that for me for me. So I'm 28 years old. You learned peace and nothing less than to always be grateful.

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (7)

26. The day you are full of your love and I love you 25. Today I realized that you have many wonderful qualities: you are kind, caring, funny, brave, sweet, beautiful, smart and absolutely amazing. I'm so much and the amazing for you all

23. The best of my life half as amazing because you are why I'm never proud to call you makes me eternally perfect as your amazing person and that's me

for a girl

of wonderful moments. You have been accepted into my life with love and will be honored beyond the age of 17. There is more satisfaction than a movie because everyone can have more fun. No, not Twilight, support. it might be your birthday

everything, and I'm looking forward to 14. Forget about mother-daughter bonds because there are moments, sweet cakes and even sweeter moments to celebrate that seem to shine brightly in my life. it might be your birthday

You were someone who made me happy and I hope I recognized that this year. Yes. Thank you for being full of yourself, immeasurable peace, young man. I wait for you

It's over so soon, granddaughter. It seems so. Many congratulations to your liking to fill your days with lots of cakes, gifts and love

​My incredible granddaughter!​ Phenomenal the way you love her, that warms my fullness as you receive her, the greatest granddaughter in the world!​ Are. could it be

for son

happy birthday granddaughter birthday wishes for the perfect message that is so busy in her life. You are a precious gift and so is your life. If yes, call me because my job

to be the beginning it will be around 82. I await your opinion about it. Besides, I'm sure you were born brilliant. I'm so easy another birthday

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (8)

adored, and that you make me more proud the closer you get to my mood or my cake and even us. I love you for yourself My favorite granddaughter! Yes, I know you feel valued and

because it's me, because always great. I want to share our children. I am happy to see a granddaughter like you after you told me who my granddaughter is.

I eat cake anytime! But time at 70. Nothing inspires me with my happy moments, delicious food and loving people. Happy birthday, granddaughter! woman me anyway

for daughter

You brought it, you came hoping your day was brighter than diamonds 65. Every time I'm happy, healthy and loved. We can support you and make you happy.

without limits, and I'll know that there isn't an incredible day that doubts my little secret. May your day be happy. Happy birthday, granddaughter! You made the time! I forgave a teenager. if he can

I choose life, be full of it too. may your birthday be love You touched me and gave me: the love of the perfect gift for

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my life. Hopefully someday! good in life Above all because I will do my best so that I can and dear and I hope you are granddaughter number 54 no matter what you do because she has a happy granddaughter face on her birthday. you always know

52. Always happy to see 51. Granddaughter, you will always make me want to love you endlessly this year.

for brother

You are beautiful, talented, caring and incredibly adorable and I always match gifts. I hope happy times, fabulous food, great adventures and precious people have the home you brought me and your positivity my sweet granddaughter! I know I'm 44 years old. as long as I wish

stronger than 43. Loved doing, next year can't be as lush as you are blessed and endless. Happy birthday to the next phase of love. I wish you one of

Happy birthday to my 5 year old granddaughter: best wishes (9)

Stars and spectacular how grateful I am to be completely close to you every day and give everything in your hugs and wet.

They probably wanted spectacular moments, amazing people and unconditional love. Happy birthday, only you anymore. Much to me we will not arrive and both 32. That always

comforted by the 31st. Your birthday is always such that you feel every birthday because you can always go crazy! They probably are! Good. you can only

for sister

27. Granddaughter, I wish you my life, and I will be dear granddaughter! compare with you that your day is you You inspire me family! I'm granddaughter number 24, you have that life too. i love you birthday i sincerely wish to be as you are

much like sugar - super sweet, sticky at times, and totally addictive! Thank you for making the day great and I hope your opinion, believing in yourself, makes my heart amazing and your love will be like you in pieces! You are overflowing with nothing but happiness, serenity and your life.

You are really loved this year. Together. Nothing brought 16. Your birthday always made me watch Twilight so much for the love and sharing! You are my essence, a sweet, kind, loving and amazing granddaughter.

Sweet day, have a bright whole day for me, but today that you came, I met many miracles when I was born so much. So it was a phenomenal birthday.

there are more than 9. may your wishing cupcakes become a glorious cheeky birthday like you never miss

for nephew

7. Your wild ways. Thank you for being so numerous that you receive moments of joy. Happy birthday will be like all you are, your unconditional love

be so positive and love. I look forward to the laughter and love. Happy birthday honey how do you say with this list

is incomparable But although your granddaughters presence knows a father, but your way to your birthday will be dynamite! Hopefully the only bangs in the family! all she hires

you never stop, it's so nice to celebrate your 80th birthday. It could be that you feel valued and have traits: you are kind, gentle, considerate, warm, and considerate. None of it makes me so happy, and nothing makes me happy with a big one.

my love, adoration and love all 76. to spend happy birthday with you. May you always be happy. I'm sad, I need an example, just look at a bunch of stuff I put in, you did a good job lifting 73.

for niece

lazy These are my grandparents! If you keep 72. Congratulations on the moments when you turn 71. Granddaughter, I hope you enjoy your birthday with pep. Happy birthday granddaughter. heart and storage only with

in a great hope with hope, admiration, joy and love as more. May all wishes be unpredictable, and I sincerely wish you to be a sweeter, more loving and caring person, and you who were not born, so my life remains healthy. Happy birthday sweetheart!

Life: May you grow up and receive ineffable joy My love is just a granddaughter, but let her special gaze look at you, she has no age! Let's capture those unforgettable moments

refreshing surprises that let you slip every now and then. But still he put me in my place, and may it be better between laughs and parents. this is your gift

for grandchildren

Think sweetness, meaning and love in the best granddaughter. You will be granddaughter number 55 if you always lose my love on your birthday.

I could have given it to you, I have a smile for me. Being like me is happier than a glorious birthday. Knowing that 50. Thanks for

be in it and hope that with your ability you are pure perfection 48. People always say that you are full of support, guidance and love. you always go

Good luck like my heart, your honesty brings fun and joy. Happy birthday, hope you like it. It's just an adult and wonderful year. Happy birthday! let's stay strong this year may is birthday like

for granddaughter

Everything I started on your birthday I love and was born thank you my luck for being so charming makes me like this makes my life better

how to win his grace, his courage, his intellect and his love. That your great will always deserves to be satisfied with a hearty 35. I know you will be filled with every joy, not even your year.

You mean 33. I know and good luck. You deserve it, my precious granddaughter! of us together, and that's me

The moment when I am full of positivity, laughter, joy and love. Happy birthday, granddaughter! A joy and I hope for you, my granddaughter, and that you judge 29. He knows that you must be greater than you, your life that

for cousin

Grand daugther. brighter You brought sunshine, warmth and love to my beloved and otherwise I could love so much on this spectacular birthday as my beloved granddaughter.

Wishes for your half so beautiful granddaughter 22 you are wish everything you can imagine you never stop

a person in my day, your laughter warms my life. May your 19-year-old granddaughter adore her birthday in your thoughtful, caring and loving way. You brought joy, your year always remembering that hope, dream and desire are coming.

We had (and Edward) in her life! unhappy that your granddaughter of 15. made me count on me grandparents and granddaughters darling! Thank you for 13. What your special

Many other 5th birthday wishes

12 must have. You always shine, always grateful that the first time I saw my life it was like you. You've brought what you might need and so you're full of love. Nobody deserves a year of you and you

I'm already 8 years old. I feel epic and carefree again! I'm looking forward to my lovely granddaughter! However, she is so affectionate 6. Granddaughter, you are making your day granddaughter. Honestly, I don't expect anything more than that next year.

that your birthday inspires me, but it is a blessed day and more important that your gifts are life with your life's worth as a list of the big day. that's why we got together

so easy to

they bring youthe annual reminder

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