Eight of Cups as Intentions (upright and inverted) Tarot Card Meaning - Sibyl Tarot (2023)

Eight of Cups as Intentions (upright and inverted) Tarot Card Meaning - Sibyl Tarot (1)

The Eight of Cups is the card to walk away, seek the truth and let go. The card shows a man walking away from eight cups in the foreground. The man turned his back on those cups with a sense of loss and disappointment. What he knows he leaves behind. He sneaks out at night, suggesting that there is an element of evasion to his energy.

The Eight of Cups reminds us that it is okay to let go and walk away when what is around you is no longer serving you or your needs. You don't have to come out of duty or obligation. You have to do what is right for you. The Eight of Cups reminds us that there is no shame in walking away.

Eight vertical cups as goals

Asking about a person's intentions towards you and drawing the Eight of Cups means that person intends to question the depth of your bond with them. Due to this uncertainty, they are not sure if they made the right decision when they wanted to contact you. You need to know if you can be useful for their development or not. They don't know whether to take your date seriously or assume that you're lonely.

The Eight of Cups as intention means that they intend to weigh the decision to keep you around. What you give them is attractive, they like it, but they want more. They plan to demand more from you. But they may not trust you enough to open up because they are afraid of being abandoned. It prevents them from asking for what they want. Unspoken expectations and unmet needs make them insecure about their connection.

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For singles and those starting new relationships, the Eight of Cups is a sign that they intend to test the waters to see if they are really ready to take the plunge. Now you have many questions. Will you help them mature and grow? Could they handle the ups and downs of a future relationship? If you don't know the answers to these questions, there is nothing you can do.

For existing relationships, the Eight of Cups represents an intention to reflect on the direction of your relationship. You feel that you do not appreciate them. There are times when you don't give them what they want. This makes them question whether those unmet needs will ever be met. If you think this has any validity, now is the time to have an honest discussion about it with your partner.

If you ask about an ex's intentions, the Eight of Cups shows that they intend to move on and heal from their breakup. In either case, they no longer have any ties to their previous relationship. They may still care about you, but want things to stay the same. They accepted the fact that you existed in their past and decided to move on without you. If you're wondering if reconciliation is possible, it may take some time before your ex considers getting back together.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is geared toward commitment, involvement, or marriage, the Eight of Cups means that the person's intentions are unclear. Although they love you, they don't think they are ready for a long-term commitment. There is fear of being abandoned. Set expectations and be completely transparent about what you want out of the relationship if you want it to be successful. It may be necessary to secure them.

Eight of Cups as Intentions (upright and inverted) Tarot Card Meaning - Sibyl Tarot (2)

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Eight cups were invested as goals

If you ask about a person's intentions with you and you draw the Eight of Cups upside down, it means that person intends to leave you. But something is holding her back. You cannot make a choice. You don't want to face that fear. Instead, they prefer someone else to decide for them.

The Eight of Cups reversed as intention means that you intend to remain in your current messy situation. The dilemma here is that they don't want to face their fears and hesitations. You are confused but you do not have the courage to get to the bottom of the problem. They would rather suffer in silence than face their problems head on.

For single people and those starting new relationships, the Eight of Cups reversed is a sign that they intend to work out their feelings before moving on. The thought of not being sure if they are ready to start over always lingers on their minds. They are held back by numerous factors, such as unresolved feelings in the past. The problem is that they don't want to open up and solve the problem. For a relationship to thrive, you both need to have open communication, which is clearly lacking right now.

In existing relationships, the eight reversed represents the intention to end the relationship. You are tired of your constant fights and lack of communication. However, they are reluctant to talk about their feelings at this time. They are deeply afraid of their own feelings. They want to separate but are too afraid to do so. Now is the time for the hard talk that both of you need to save your relationship.

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When you ask about an ex's intentions, the eight of cups reversed shows that they intend to move forward with their relationship. Yet you feel trapped. Your ex lover has unresolved feelings for you, but he is not ready to talk about it. They deny the reality of the situation or are too afraid to face it. You have to be honest with yourself for reconciliation to happen. Someone who is trying to avoid their emotions and whose true motives are unknown is not someone you should waste your time with.

In the context of whether or not a relationship is geared toward commitment, involvement, or marriage, the reversed cup sign means that that person's intentions are uncertain. They don't want to end your relationship, but they don't see a future with you either. It has something to do with being afraid of your own emotions. They want to let someone else make the decision because they are too scared. If you want to take the relationship to the next level, you must first have an honest conversation about your expectations and needs.

Eight of Cups as Intentions (upright and inverted) Tarot Card Meaning - Sibyl Tarot (3)

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For relationships and feelings, the Eight of Cups represents going away and leaving the past behind. Sometimes we need to get out of what no longer serves us to find our greatest good. What may now seem like a curse may be a blessing in disguise. The Eight of Cups reminds us that it is okay to let go of what no longer serves you. You have no obligation or duty if it is not right for you.

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