Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (2023)

Multiplayer games are everywhere. This includes current titles such asfourteen daysbut also some older ones likestar boatthat are still being played more than two decades after their release.

But what happened to wasting an entire night playing the good old split-screen games?

While not as popular as it was in the past, there are still some really fun games that support split-screen.

Since there's nothing quite like playing side-by-side with your friends, we've put together a list of some of the best.Best split screen gamesyou can try it right now, from big-budget shooters to some little-known indie titles.


    Split screen PC gaming

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    Rocket League

    Rocket Leagueadopts the traditional structure ofsoccer(or soccer, depending on where you live) and turn it around by replacing human players with vehicles. It involves vehicle stunts and low gravity in an enclosed arena, making it aI play very fast and exaggerated.

    It would be hard to find someone you don't like.rocket league,And what better way to get through the ups and downs of a hard-fought game than with your best friends in the comfort of your own home.

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    Portal 2

    Ah, I miss the good old days when Valve was more focused on making games than making money. In addition to classics likehalf lifejcounterattack, one of Valve's most popular IPs, is theirsPuzzlePortaland its continuationPortal 2.

    Portal 2it was a little different from its predecessor. Without going too deep, one of the most notable additions was a new2 player modewhich came with a separate campaign designed specifically for two players.

    So you really didn't winPortal 2until you also win her 2 player campaign with a friend. This can be done via online multiplayer, but split-screen is also an option - a better option if you ask us. This campaign is unfortunately quite short, taking around four hours to complete, but it's consistently enjoyable.

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    Resident evil 6

    Even if it's not the bestResident EvilSpiel,Resident evil 6It is athrilling third-person shooterwhich can be played in split screen.

    Contains four different campaigns, some of them more focusedfast-paced actionand others in the traditionalsurvival horrorelements thatResident EvilThe series is known for.

    Three of the four campaigns are played cooperatively, and all offer a good split-screen gameplay experience. YesResident evil 6meets your taste, you can also look at the predecessor,Housing opposite 5, as it plays very similarly.

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    an outlet

    Josef Fares' long-awaited co-op jailbreak game,an outlet, its core premise is based on cooperative split-screen play. It is specially designed for split screen so you can be sure you will enjoy a very immersive 2 player experience.

    an outletIt is aAction and adventureGame in which players must work together to overcome a variety of situations and solve puzzles to win the game. good crowdrepetition value, Also.

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    war machine 4

    Fast shooters can be difficult to play in split screen, which is why many FPS and TPS games don't have this mode. Butwar machine 4is an exception

    In general, the game is based on the mechanics presented in the firstimplements of wartitle ascover based shootingjmeleethat combine with a very striking and bloody visual style to create a fun and dark gaming experience.

    If you end up liking this game, you might want to check it out.the rest of the series, like everyoneimplements of warThe games were recorded with very good reception. More recently, however, it has suffered a bit of franchise fatigue, as is the case with most long-running franchises.

    What can you say about a racing game with the beloved blue hedgehog?Sonic-RenteamIt is akart racing gameIt will appeal to players of all ages and is similar to Mario Kart in many ways.

    The game features fifteen characters from theSonic series, and there are three driver classes that offer some flexibility when it comes to each driver's playstyle. In addition, Team Sonic Racing also focuses on cooperative play, and players can earn more points by working together and sharing power-ups.

    Finally some people found each otherSonic e Sega Star Racesfrom 2010 to be a better game. While that's probably true for the most part, Team Sonic Racing is prevalent on modern platforms.

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    Horizon Chase Turbo

    another racing gameHorizon Chase Turbois inspired bygood 90's arcade style racingtitle, and it shows in both the gameplay and graphical style. It offers simple but effective graphics and the same goes for the gameplay.

    The game is easy to get into and featuresup to a quad split screen. You probably also want to know that it's really cheap right now. Considering the hours of entertainment the game can provide, we'd say it's a good deal even at full price.

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    Earth Defense Force 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair

    A remastered edition of the PlayStation 3 version,Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despairis playable with itup to three friends. With a wide variety of locations and over 100 different weapons for each soldier subclass,Earth Defense Forces 4.1lets you destroy everything and everyone in your path.

    happy and funny, perfect for spending time with friends,Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despairis a distinctly Japanese game in which you must defend the land from all kinds of kaiju threats.

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    screen trick

    screen trick it's a nice oddity of a game that is, on the surface, your average FPS. However, we believe that by telling you this, you will agree that you are rapidly venturing into uncharted territory.All players are invisible. Yes, you read that right: invisible.

    The core premise of the game, as the title suggests, is to look at other players' parts of the screen to find out where they are. as you can imagine,screen trickis veryeinzelSplit-screen experience not to be missed.

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    O videogame Lego Movie

    O videogame Lego Movieit is exactly what the title suggests. If you've played any of the Lego games, you know exactly what to expect.

    that is asimple and happy action-adventureTitle suitable for players of all ages. It's full of colorful and creative levels with lots of action and platforming segments.

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    super karts independentes

    we all wishMario KartThey were available on PC. The reality is grim as Nintendo struggles to limit its flagship series to its consoles. On the plus side, there's a viable replacement for just about every console exclusive out there.

    in this case it issuper karts independentes, Akart racingGame that captures the aesthetics, gameplay, and overall feel ofMario Kart.The game features retro pixel graphics and lots of game modes and is a great split-screen game on PC.

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    Another racing game, although a much more recent version, isdistance. It is afuturistic gamewith a vaporwave aesthetic somewhat similar to TRON and offering all kinds of featuresvehicle stuntsthrough a variety of tracks with an unforgettable track layout.

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    Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

    RPGs are usually single player experiences, howeverDeity: original sin goes off the beaten track making you believetwo player charactersinstead of just one.

    It is an isometric turn-based RPG that can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes and is a proper RPG experience from start to finish. The campaign can last approx.100 hoursto conclude so you can be sure you have a great trip ahead.

    The game also received a sequel with the titleDivinity: Original Sin II, and it does exactly what a proper sequel should do: it improves upon the base of the original in almost every way; so make sure you like the original.

    Hackable split screen PC games

    In this section, we've listed games that don't seem to offer a split-screen option. However, with a little help from their modding communities, these titles can be turned into "hackable" co-op treasures. The term "hackable" is somewhat misleading; we are actually talking aboutthe change.

    Requirements vary from title to title, but in general the process is fairly straightforward. With a little Google searching, you shouldn't have any problems setting up split-screen mods for any of these games.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (14)

    Valle Sternentau

    Valle Sternentauis the perfect farming simulator and the favorite of manyindie gamefans from all over the world. The multiplayer update was a hit with the community and brought in a multitude of new fans who enjoyed the title's whimsical charm.

    With the help of asimple modification, the game can be transformed into a great split-screen experience, giving you a new way to immerse yourself in everything the game has to offer.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (15)

    Borderlands 2

    Borderlands 2is arguably the best entry in this wildly popular series. It is acolorful and attractive “loot shooter” gamewith some RPG elements and a very distinct visual style.

    Firstborder areasThe game was designed with co-op play in mind, and that hasn't changed in subsequent titles.Borderlands 2It features different classes of players with different playstyles and abilities, making for a very dynamic multiplayer of the seriesif you liked the second part.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (16)

    Don't starve together

    don't starveis a pretty original take on the survival genre and has received a lot of well-deserved attention. It has a very distinctive art style and the procedurally generated levels are very replayable. Bravura.

    if thatDon't starve togetherThe multiplayer expansion was just around the corner, the lack of a split screen seemed like a huge oversight on the developer's part, but luckily,modders intervenedto solve the problem. With yourhigh replay value and low price,Don't starve togetherIt's a good deal and offers a lot of fun for the price of a short standalone game.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (17)

    4 remain dead 2

    Another great title from the old days where Valve made quality games is4 remain dead 2. While it initially received some controversy due to its release just a year after the first game, it quickly surpassed its predecessor in just about every way imaginable.

    that is aFPS team gameThe player joins forces with up to three different people and traverses overwhelming hordes ofzombiesin different campaigns with unique maps. You can also play with bots.

    4 remain dead 2It's obviously a multiplayer experience, and while it doesn't have built-in split-screen capabilities, it's fairly easy to set up using the game's console.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (18)


    MinecraftIt became a huge hit even before its official release because it was something completely new. He showed aamazing procedurally generated world, a simple but recognizable visual style, and most importantly, it allowed players to build just about anything they could imagine.

    Needless to say it's a lotcaptivatingSplit screen experience. However, as with all other games in this category, setting up a split-screen game requires some tweaking first, as split-screen mode is not officially supported.

    split screen

    While not technically split-screen,These titles can be played by two or more players on the same PC. Since split screen is essentially "couch multiplayer", we thought we'd mention a few more games you can enjoy together with your friends.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (19)

    Dragon Ball Fighter Z

    One of the newest games in one of the most popular anime series of all time,Dragon Ball Fighter Zis a fighting game that was received with great acclaim by fans and was well received by critics.

    Features a familiar cast of characters, including those from the newDragon Ball Superseries and it isone of the best fighting games of recent years. We believe most fighting game fans will enjoy this game full of flashy combos and great graphics.

    You can find more great fighting games here.This article.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (20)

    cup head

    so we havecup head, AOld school run and gun game em 2Dwith beautiful hand-drawn graphics that ooze nostalgia. You've probably heard of it because howdifficultit could be.

    It's easy to forgetcup headIt also has a 2 player co-op mode, so you can share all the fury and joy this game has to offer with another player.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (21)

    Sold! two

    Building on the foundation of its incredible successorgeglüht 2It is acooking simulatorwhere teams of up to four players work together and cook meals in a limited amount of time.

    as you can imaginegeglüht 2It is aaccelerated,chaoticand finally veryfun and happygame, and it's more addictive than you think.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (22)

    Die Isaak-Renaissance-Union

    The successor and remake of the of Isaac,Die Isaak-Renaissance-UnionIt is avillainGame that has all the characteristics of this genre.

    Eschallenging, featuring procedurally generated dungeons containing various loot that can enhance the player's abilities and help them defeat hordes of cartoonish yet grotesque enemies.

    Well, one of the most important features thatRebirthAdded and absent from its predecessor a cooperative mode. Keep in mind, however, that despite what the art style might suggest, this is a pretty tough game.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (23)


    ANDtrineThe series consists of severalpuzzle platformsthat allow up to three players to explore acolorful 2.5D fantasy worldin which you can be a mage, a warrior and a thief. These three characters have unique abilities to fulfill their different roles when it comes to solving puzzles and taking on the many enemies the game inevitably throws at you.

    It can be played in single player mode, in which case the player would switch between the three characters depending on what abilities they needed at any given time. However, we'd say it's much more comfortable with at least two people, preferably three.

    There is currently a totalfour gamesin the series, in addition to the firsttrine:Trine 2, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, jTrine 4: The Nightmare Prince. The third game experimented a bit with 3D environments, but the fourth game ended up reverting to the tried and true 2.5D approach, as 3D doesn't work as well for a game like Trine.

    Best Split Screen PC Games of 2023 [Final List] - GamingScan (24)

    Guacamelee! 2

    Guacamelee! 2is a Metroidvania-style platformer that can be played in single player or with up to three other players, and a four-player Metroidvania is exactly what you'd expect. In general, the gamechaotic, swindleraddictive fightis veryunique aestheticthat sets it apart, not to mention few Metroidvanias allow co-op play.


    That would be our pick of the best split-screen games, along with a few other games that are great for couch co-op.

    Of course there are many similar games out there and we couldn't list them all. So if we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments and we'll see how we can add it in the near future!

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