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One of the best things you can do for your friend is to keep praying for them. So if you need a short and insightful prayer for your friend, here are some short and powerful prayers for someone you love.

Regardless of the situation or condition, taking a matter to the Creator of the Universe before anything goes wrong should be our option. And even when things seem to get out of hand, the only option is to call out to God in prayer.

In order for you to land on this page titled: A Short Deep Prayer for My Friend, you must have turned to the infinite power of God. And I want to assure you that if you have faith, you will see the glory of God.

One more thing to keep in mind before starting with these carefully structured andpowerful prayerfor the excitement of the bridegroom is that God already guarantees that if you ask you will receive, if you knock the door will be opened, and if you seek you will find (Matthew 7:7). So pray with confidence and the certainty of answered prayer.


  1. Morning prayer for the busyness and success of the fiancé
  2. Powerful prayer for my friend's success
  3. Short and deep prayer for my friend's health
  4. Prayer for my friend to have money
  5. Short and deep prayer for my friend for divine care/help
  6. short prayer for someone you love

Morning prayer for the busyness and success of the fiancé

Let's start this collection of friend prayers with one of these morning prayers for your friend's success, protection and guidance.

1. Dear God, bless my husband today and always. Help him take care of his worries and worries. Preserve and protect it all day long. Bless him with wisdom to face each day and conquer whatever challenges come his way.

2. Dear Heavenly Lord, I pray for my friend that today, this week and every day of this month will be filled with kindness for him. May he find joy and delight in his endeavors and see his finger in whatever he lays his hands on.

3. Let his grace envelop him and let his blessings speak for him. May your head be held high and may your eyes not depart from you. Help him to get through the day with the necessary courage and come back with countless testimonials.

4. Today I pray for the man in my life that this day will bring him a fresh start and a fresh start. I pray that good things happen to you and that you find a glorious opportunity.

5. Heavenly God, help my husband today. Get out of your way before you get clear. Help him reach his goal and complete his goal. In all his daily activities, encourage him to carry them out with excellence, and bless him with wonderful rewards for his actions.

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Powerful prayer for my friend's success

1. Heavenly Father, I am sure if you clothe the grass of the field with beauty and splendor you will clothe my sweetheart with success. I then stop worrying about not being able to add an inch to my size or provide the solution we need. We trust you and believe that you will step in and turn impossible situations into testimonies for the glory of your name. A man.

2. Faithful father, your word says if we, the wicked, can give good gifts to our children, how much more can you. It is nice to know that we have a father who is so caring and willing to our needs to fulfill them. I therefore bring you these urgent needs of my friend with absolute confidence that you will fulfill them. I pray for him for supernatural provision. A man.

3. Dad, it's good to know that you are interested in our studies and your success in life. My husband wasn't at his best. He didn't do his best and he recognized that. However, I ask you in your mercy to make sure he resonates with all his teachers and colleagues and give him another chance to make things work through your grace. A man.

Short and deep prayer for my friend's health

• Dear Heavenly Father, Balm of Gilead, the One Whose will is that we enjoy perfect health. My husband's health is in a dead end. All other help has failed, nothing seems to work and we are tired of trying everything for nothing. We see you as the woman with the bruise and we ask that you heal it.

You are the creator of cells, tissues, organs and systems. Stretch out your healing hands over him and miraculously heal him.

Thank you for the answered prayer, amen.

Prayer for my friend to have money

• Oh God. You are the God who works miracles. You took money out of the fish's mouth. They multiply 5 loaves and two fish to feed 5.00 men. In you there is no scarcity or limitation.

My husband admires him for his supernatural provision of money (mention value range) for (mention purpose). You are our only hope and in you alone we place our trust. Provide for him in wondrous and supernatural ways. A man.

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Short and deep prayer for my friend for divine care/help

1. Merciful Father, you work wonders and your ways are inscrutable. I have seen in all scriptures how you change situations and even defy the laws of nature. I believe that nothing is impossible for you. So I invite you into this situation and ask you to make a miracle out of it.

2. Lord, you are the help of the helpless, the husband of the widow, the father of the orphans. I have no one to help me but you. I stop asking men for help and fix my eyes on you. I end all my worries and trust in your ability to help my husband and miraculously provide for him at this time of greatest need.

3. Father, our afflictions are many, but we rejoice in your promise to deliver us. I run to you because you are our refuge, you are our safe place and you are our helper. Send us your help and give us peace from all our troubles.

4. Father, it is you who work in us to will and to do of your good pleasure. This order you gave, my dear, seems impossible to carry out. He cannot do this himself, so I ask him to go ahead and make the seemingly impossible possible so that people can see his works and glorify him.

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short prayer for someone you love

1. Father, you parted the Red Sea and made the children of Israel walk on dry land, there is nothing difficult for you and there is absolutely nothing impossible for you. I therefore present this impossible situation to you (mention the situation) and ask you to make yourself and your power known. Bear (mention the name of the person you are praying for) your testimony and rejoicing in this matter.

2. Lord, you do not change, but you can change any situation. My heart cries out for your help and deliverance. Help and save (mention the name) O Lord, and change this situation for the better so that I may witness to Your omnipotence.

3. Dear God, my husband is having a hard time at this stage in his life. In fact, everything seems to be getting worse. However, I believe you can help him. I'm sure with your mighty hands you'll be able to pull it out in this storm.

4. Dear father, your word says we will have tribulations in this world, but you encouraged us to be of good cheer because you overcame the world. I take you at your word and am beginning to see the reality of that word in every area of ​​my husband's life.help him out of this problem, In the name of Jesus. A man

5. Heavenly Father, hold my husband's hands and guide him through life. You are our Heavenly Father and we are your children, so I know your will will guide you through this mess and tell you what to do. Help him to listen to your instructions that can keep him safe.

6. Lord, it is true that unless you build a house, those who build build in vain. Help my Bridegroom in his walk with you, in his work for you, in his charity and in all his spheres, may your name alone be glorified in and through your life.

7. Lord, my prayer is for you. Answer me in the fullness of Your mercy and deliver my beloved from this need. May the waters not overflow and tribulations not swallow us up. Save us, O God.

8. Almighty God, your word says you do miracles that cannot be measured and miracles that cannot be numbered. let that livemy beloved husbandbe one of those miracles and use your life to express such miracles, to the glory of his name.

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