101 Examples of Airbnb Guest Reviews for Every Host (Good and Bad) (2023)

When a guest checks out of a property on Airbnb, hosts are asked to write an Airbnb guest review about their experience with people who have booked and visited their property. Similarly, guests are encouraged to write a review describing their experience of the stay and the owner.

Many hospitality businesses are unable to compete simply because they don't have enough staffOpinions. With more travelers than ever taking the time to check and read property reviews before booking, vacation rental owners cannot afford to miss this opportunity.

Both host and guest reviews are very important; can help make the difference between securing a reservation and making a customer look elsewhere.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a new guest review every time, especially if you rent regularly. That's why we've put together 101 Airbnb review templates to help you do just that.

Can't see the form to download the 101 sample Airbnb guest reviews? clickHer.

This article also discusses why Airbnb guest reviews are valuable, how to write them, and what to do if you find outremote cottage. We will also highlight some highlights from101 Examples of Airbnb Guest Reviews.

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Why are Airbnb guest reviews important?

Since Airbnb bookings are heavily based on reviews and ratings, we strongly recommend that you write a guest review. Note that both guests and hosts must write a review for any of these to appear.

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These reviews not only help you and other hosts better evaluate potential guests, but they also help keep the Airbnb community safe and alert. Let's take a look at the reasons why you should take the time to write a guest review:

Increase the number of bookings

You have a fantastic summer house; Beyond photos and a description of your listing, what's the best way to get it noticed and increase your bookings? Real experiences of guests who stayed there!

Customers rely on other reviews to make the right decision for their trip. When potential guests browse your property, they always look for reviews written by people who have stayed at your property. They want to know if it is worth booking and if the pictures and description of the offer meet their expectationsguest experience.

When you write reviews for Airbnb guests, you get more reviews in return! Writing guest reviews not only builds trust with future bookers, it also raises awareness. Your name and profile appear more often on the page, so more potential customers find your property. Overall, this will increase bookings and build your profile and reputation as a host.

Make a good impression

Another important aspect is the impression you make on other users. A host who takes the time and effort to write a review for each of their guests, especially if it's personal, will impress other potential guests.

It shows that you can be trusted and that they know they are in good hands when you book your holiday home. An Airbnb host who cares about interacting with their guests even after they've left will certainly pay attention to other details of the stay, such as cleaning, reception and communication. These small details make a big difference.

Help other hosts

Adding guest reviews is critical to helping the entire Airbnb host community. Allows you and other hosts to view and evaluate optionsproblematic guests. So when a guest requests your Airbnb rental, you can see how that guest has behaved in other Airbnb rentals. If you e.g. see a negative review written by a previous host, you don't know how to host that guest.

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If you're an experienced Airbnb host, you probably know the value of trusting other hosts' reviews when deciding to host a guest. By following this example and posting your own guest reviews, you're supporting other hosts who may want to rely on your information before accepting a reservation.

Respond to negative reviews

Another advantage is that hosts can limit the damage if necessary. If a guest makes negative comments in their review of your property, you now have a chance to provide a reasonable explanation to discuss the complaint publicly.Negative reviewslet's also showcase your excellent customer service - not only to the dissatisfied guest, but also to the potential guests who read your reviews.

According to Christophe Salmon, co-founderRevyoos, one of the biggest mistakes vacation rental owners make is only posting positive reviews.Testsshows that customers are less likely to trust a vacation property with a perfect five-star rating than a vacation property with a numbernegative reviews. The ideal figure for optimal conversion is 4.9!

How do I write a guest review on Airbnb?

A good guest review is vital to your business because it shows guests and other hosts that you are professional and considerate. Still, some hosts get a little lost in the process.

Think about the actual guest and their stay at your holiday home and remember the following points:

1. Honesty is the best policy

As a host, you need to make sure you leave honest and accurate reviews for people who stay with you, based on your experience with them and how they viewed your vacation rental. If you're happy with everything, please let other hosts know it was a pleasure hosting you.

If you have a negative experience with your guest, please be honest about it in your review. After all, future hosts will see it and want to avoid itproblematic guests. You don't want them to have the same problems as you.

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2. Would you host them again?

If in the future guests contacted you and asked you for accommodation in the property you rented, would you accept it? If so, please mention it in your review and let me know if you would recommend it to other hosts.

If you no longer wish to host them again, please state so in your review.

3. Was the place in good condition when they left?

If they left it in bad shape, mention it! The same applies to house rules; did they break something? For example, no smoking, no parties, no extra guests, etc.

Remember that accidents happen, thenif something goes wrongduring the stay, this must only be mentioned if they have not been taken care of or if they have been mistreated. It is important to mention the condition of the property as it reflects the character of the guest and how carefully or carelessly they treat your holiday home.

4. Did it go smoothly?

Your guest review should reflect your experience from the time a guest makes a reservation to check-out. How was the communication with them before check-in? Did they check out at the exact time they were supposed to check out? Or was it too late? Were there any problems during your stay?

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The answer to these questions creates expectations for future landlords. If guests are further away, or worse, unresponsive, this should be clearly stated in the Airbnb guest review.

5. Give them a star rating

You provide a lot of details about them and you can also provide a star rating showing how good (or not so good) they were when they lived with you. Sometimes it gets everyone's attention faster than what you write in your review.

It also eliminates the problem of fluff or sugar coating as well as any problems you may have had with your guest. If it was a 2 star experience, say so!

6. Who were the guests?

You can also write what kind of guest he was. Were they just on holiday, visiting family or on a business trip? If applicable, you can mention how the reason for the trip affected your experience of receiving them.

Guidelines for Airbnb Guest Reviews

To make reviews exceptionally meaningful and easy to write, Airbnb has created severalguidelineswhich you as the owner must comply with. Here are some important points to keep in mind when writing a review.

  • From the check-out date, you have 14 days to write an Airbnb guest review.
  • Be honest and unbiased when writing your comments. Remember that they are visible to other hosts.
  • Reviews should be relevant and highlight anything you think other hosts should know about.
  • Reviews should only be published in relation to a real stay or experience. You cannot accept fake requests in exchange for a positive review.
  • Positive reviews cannot be exchanged for anything of value, such as discounts or refunds.

How can I write a review if I manage the property remotely?

If you plan to rent a property from a long distance away, you should still write a guest review on Airbnb. If you have…Property manager, ask them to give you feedback after the guests have left. You can also ask theminventarlisteto ensure that everything remains in place and intact. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, ask them if the tenants were making noise.

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Your review doesn't necessarily have to be long; it can also simply be a response to a guest review and a way to say thank you for choosing a rental company. If you're still unsure about what to say about your guests, check out some examples of Airbnb guest reviews below.

Why write personal reviews

Copying reviews from Airbnb's guest review templates is quick and easy, but keep in mind that the tone, content, and reasons for a review can vary from guest to guest.

Additionally, guests will appreciate the feedback they receive if it is personalized as it will be helpful when making future booking requests. It will also make them feel that you appreciate their good behavior and care for your home.

10 examples of positive Airbnb guest reviews

Here are 10 ideas from 101 sample Airbnb guest reviews that you can use and edit accordingly.

  1. (guest name) it was nice to host you! They left the place clean and quiet all weekend. We had a great contact and I can't wait for them to stay with me again!
  2. I loved hosting (guest's name) because they could treat the place with respect, have fun and enjoy the surroundings. They rented the space wonderfully and I hope to host them again.
  3. All the rules in my house were followed by (guest's name) and they could come and go with ease. I loved having them there because they were respectful and calm. I highly recommend them to others!
  4. (Names) were absolutely wonderful guests. I just knew my home was in good hands with them. Thank you for staying at (property name)!
  5. (Name) and his/her boyfriend/girlfriend were wonderful guests! A friendly and polite couple who care about other people's property. I will definitely host them again and also recommend them to other hosts.
  6. We had a great experience hosting (name). Communication was pleasant and smooth throughout. Other than that, our house was left in perfect condition. We hope to come back again in the future!
  7. It was a pleasure to host (name) and her/his family. They were excellent guests: it was nice to communicate with them, they were very polite and took good care of our home. We are grateful for your visit and will certainly be welcome again.
  8. Our experience with (names) was great. They are very friendly and relaxed people. Other than that, they left our house in perfect condition. We hope to welcome you again in the future!
  9. We had to give the host (name) his/her first Airbnb experience and he was the perfect guest! We would love to host her again and can only recommend her to any Airbnb host.
  10. We had a great time hosting (name) and his/her friends. People who are laid back, attentive and respectful of their surroundings. I would happily host them again and can recommend them to other hosts.

You can scroll to the bottom of the page to download the full list of 101 sample Airbnb guest reviews.

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How do I write a negative guest review on Airbnb?

For any guest you wish to leave a good review for, be prepared to leave a negative review as well. Has solidTerms and conditions for renting holiday homeswill make your guests respect your home, but nothing is guaranteed.

Not every stay will be the best and it is important that you share your honest opinion. With this in mind, honesty should still be accompanied by kindness – and professionalism!

Here are 10 examples of negative Airbnb guest reviews you can trust. It would be best to change them to directly specify the problem. If you leave a negative guest review on Airbnb, clearly state the reason. So use these examples as a draft, but be sure to modify them as you see fit.

  1. I do not recommend hosting this guy. A guest broke the locks on a locked storage room in the house, which clearly indicated in the welcome book that the storage room was not for guest use.
  2. Check-out is at 11.00, but the guests chose to stay until 3 p.m. When we finally checked out, the house was a huge mess, forcing us to postpone another reservation. I would not recommend these guests as it may affect your other bookings like ours.
  3. The guests did not respect usAirbnb Terms and Conditionsthrow a house party and invite five extra guests to stay at Airbnb. When we charged extra cleaning for the mess, the guest left a 1 star review. Don't take this guy.
  4. I will not be hosting this guy in the future. After knocking on all the neighbour's doors at midnight we were fined by the Home Owners Association.
  5. I'm sorry to leave a negative review, but I definitely do not recommend hosting this guy. (Guest Name) was initially polite but did not follow our house rules such as house parties, locking doors upon departure and our no pets policy.
  6. Although (names) were friendly and polite, I was disappointed with the condition they left the house in. They left dirty dishes in the kitchen and broken glass in the sink. I also had complaints from neighbors that they played too loud music late at night. I don't recommend hosting them.
  7. Although (name) had obviously tried to clean up after himself, there were several damaged items in the living room, including an expensive piece of art. For this reason I am giving a two star review.
  8. This guest did not follow the house rules sent to him and was generally quite a nuisance. I found trash all over the house and it was obvious that someone had been smoking in the room. I advise you not to accept this guy.
  9. I would be wary of hosting this guy again in the future due to the poor condition they have left the property in. Although my staff did a good job cleaning (name), it was not their job to clean pick up and pick things up. from garbage.
  10. This is the second time (name) has visited us; However, we were surprised to learn that some unauthorized guests were staying with them. The first time we had no problems, but we recommend that you pay attention to the house rules if you decide to host.

As you'll see from these Airbnb review examples, it's extremely important to be firm and factual. However, it is equally important to remain respectful, professional and calm. Don't write it in the heat of the moment because you might say something you'll regret and it will make you look bad.

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Guest reviews on Airbnb are important to you, your business, guests and other hosts, so it's important to take the time and effort to write thoughtful reviews.

You can use sample Airbnb guest reviews, but remember that the more information you provide, the better. If you have review templates or examples that worked particularly well for you, please share them in the comments section below.

Build your Airbnb host reputation online and download 101 Airbnb guest reviews below!

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