10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (2023)

Discover the best hotels in Tavira and plan the best getaway in the Algarve. From cozy squares to stylish boutique hotels, these are the places to sleep in Tavira.

You may not know where to start when planning a tripdie Algarve. There are so many charming towns, idyllic beaches and sights to see that it can be difficult to choose just one.

But Tavira offers something different. With the Ria Formosa Natural Park to the east and a rich history in the city center, this Portuguese hotspot is ideal for any traveller.

Sure, Tavira might not be home to some of the big resorts you'll find near Faro or Portimão, but what it offers is plenty of charm and character galore. And that also applies to its hotels.

Ready to explore? These are the best hotels in Tavira…

The best hotels in Tavira: summary

The best hotels in Tavira: top selectionHotel
Overall the best hotel in TaviraOzadi Tavira Hotel
The best hotel in Tavira for its locationAP Maria Nova Lounge Hotel
Bestes Boutique-Hotel in TaviraConversations on the porch
Best budget hotel in Tavirainhabited seas

The best hotels in Tavira

Ozadi Tavira Hotel


Touristendorf Los Olivos

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (1)

Architect Pedro Campos Costa redesignedOzadi Tavira Hotel, breathe new life into the building and create a contemporary masterpiece.

With fewer than 100 rooms, this boutique hotel in Tavira stands out for its attractive design that combines history with modern charm. Local artwork and MCM furniture give each hotel room a fresh and vibrant feel.

Hungry? Choose from tapas at the Orangea Bistro, enjoy a brunch buffet at the OZADI Terrace, or simply enjoy the magnificent views over a drink.

Speaking of the view, you should go to the pool. The view of the property's stunning architecture and lush gardens is the only reason to book a stay.

AP Maria Nova Lounge Hotel


Calle Antonio Pinheiro

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (2)

If you want to walk to some of Tavira's top attractions,AP Maria Nova Lounge HotelIt's a perfect choice.

Although, be careful, it's on a hill. This means that it's quite difficult to get to Tavira Castle and other famous nearby attractions.

However, this adults only hotel is one of the best hotels in Tavira for couples looking to spend a relaxing weekend in an elegant 4 star resort.

The indoor and outdoor pools, a restaurant in collaboration with the famous Quinta São Sebastião winery and a spa where you can enjoy steam baths or hydromassages provide ample opportunities to relax and enjoy a tranquil vacationPortugal.

Sounds perfect right?

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Estalagem Convento de Tavira


city ​​center

Ultimate luxury awaits you atEstalagem Convento de Tavira, a hotel housed in a 16th-century monastery. Feel the history within the walls as you dine at the hotel's Mouraria restaurant, housed in the former congressional cafeteria.

Rooms at this boutique hotel in Tavira have modern accents, but this hotel borrows (in the best possible way) from the old school. Interiors are decorated in warm red tones and dark wood floors that look classic and welcoming.

Soundproofing, long curtains and a private balcony give you a lot of privacy during your stay in one of the best hotels in Portugal.

Land Hotel Quinta do Marco


Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (4)

Land Hotel Quinta do MarcoIt is one of the best hotels in Tavira if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a more remote place. After all, the landscape is even in the name of the hotel.

High in the remote hills ofEl-Algarvelook at the beautifultrekking portugalTrails and nature below, the location is perfectly idyllic.

And the rooms are just as impressive, from sunny interiors with hardwood floors and shell walls to tiled bathrooms that evoke Portugal's past.

Book a suite and enjoy one of the most incredible rural terrace views in Portugal from your hammock. Who needs city life?

Vila Galé Albacora


Ria Formosa Natural Park

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (5)

Would you like to stay in one of the best hotels Tavira has to offer? A truly unique and environmentally conscious resort can be found hereVila Galé Albacora.

The 4-star resort occupies a former tuna fishing village close to some of the most beautiful spotsAlgarve beaches.

But don't worry, you're not staying in a fisherman's tent. The contrary; the rooms have a rich, luxurious feel with modern amenities such as flat screen televisions, marble vanities in the bathrooms and private balconies.

A heated outdoor pool (as well as an indoor pool) allows you to take a dip year-round, and you can enjoy a cocktail or Portuguese meal at one of the hotel's restaurants or bars almost any time of the day. . .

There are also a variety of packages you can book, including breakfast and lunch, making this one of the best all-inclusive hotel options in Tavira, Portugal.

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Saint Lucia

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (6)

A nice stay without breaking the bank?KönigssteineIt is an excellent option for budget hotels in Tavira.

It is just minutes from a beautiful stretch of coast, not far from the Ria Formosa Natural Park, a privileged spot for the dedicated bird watcher or the occasional nature lover who wants to catch a glimpse of the beautiful channels of the famous lagoon. .

Apartment-style rooms and larger villas have kitchens, garden views, terraces, and spacious living areas decorated with eclectic furniture and artwork. While you can cool off in the spacious outdoor pool after the famous Algarve sun.

Casual dining options include a creperie, snack bar, and pizzeria, making it a great choice for everyday travelers looking for simple, no-fuss dining options.

inhabited seas


Ria Formosa Natural Park

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10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (7)

Where to stay in PortugalWhen to visit Tavira? As you can see, there are some great options, but for travelers who want to bookmark it again,inhabited seaswill not disappoint.

The tiled floors keep you cool on hot summer days and open onto an outdoor balcony to breathe in the fresh air overlooking the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Inside, the wooden furniture and window frames add a touch of elegance to the atmosphere, creating a romantic yet informal atmosphere.

Oh, and did I mention the delicious breakfast buffet overlooking the stunning Gilão River?

Authentic Hotel Tavira


city ​​center

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (8)

Comfortable bedding and a soothing color palette welcome you in the cozy roomsAuthentic Hotel Taviranear the heart of Tavira.

The only disadvantage? This property offers only two single beds which is not ideal for a romantic getaway but is perfect if you are with friends or on business.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are stylish and modern, with traditional tiles and marble, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and toiletries for your stay. Wi-Fi, streaming services and soundproofed rooms make this a great place to unwind between days exploring all that the Algarve has to offer.

hotel dom rodrigues


Santa Margarida

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (9)

Hotels in Tavira tend to have an understated charm. But that's really part of the draw, andhotel dom rodriguesis an example of how the best hotel in Tavira, Portugal is often a hidden gem.

An outdoor pool, a restaurant serving authentic local cuisine, and a beautiful hand-painted mural in the courtyard are some amazing touches that make this one of my favorite spots on a trip to Tavira.

Check prices and availability

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Conversations on the porch


Ria Formosa Natural Park

10 hotels in Tavira that showcase the charm of the city (10)

Are you dreaming of a romantic getaway in the Algarve? You can't do better thanConversations on the porch.

Why? The stunning whitewashed facade is set amidst the lush gardens of the Ria Formosa Natural Park, while the outdoor pool is surrounded by plenty of space for relaxing on the wooden deck.

It's in the rooms, however, that the romance really begins, filled with floor-to-ceiling beach houses and a chic, laid-back vibe. Luxurious rooms have private jetted tubs, wood-burning fireplaces, and even private plunge pools.

Opt for the tree house for a truly special break high above the flora and fauna.

Best Hotels in Tavira: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best area to stay in Tavira?

If you want to take advantage of everything the area has to offer, a stay in the city center is the best place for history, culture and food. However, if you really want to get away from nature, stay in Ria Formosa.

Should I stay in Tavira or elsewhere in the Algarve?

Tavira is a wonderful choice for visiting the Algarve. But if you want direct access tobest beachesIn addition to a livelier atmosphere, consider staying in a different city like Portimão.

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Practical advice to consider before booking your hotel in Tavira

  • Take my advice and arrange airport transfer in time.Car RentalsIt's easier, but you can also catch a train from Faro in under an hour.
  • It is important to decide which onePortugal landmarkYou definitely want to see how long you plan to stay in Tavira.
  • Hotels in Tavira are very, very cheap. However, plan your trip out of season to get the best prices.

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